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10 ways to love yourself more

The most important relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself because you set the tone for all other relationships in your life. If you have created a healthy foundation with yourself and your cup is overfilled with inner love, you will have more to offer to others. Loving ourselves can be a difficult task in a world where we are shown reasons everywhere not to be happy with who we are. Here are some simple ways you can bring self love into your life.

1. Be aware of the language you speak to yourself: Write down your normal self talk and look at the way you speak to yourself. Would you speak this way to a friend? If your self talk is more negative, how can you be more kind and loving in the way you speak to yourself? How long have you been speaking to yourself in this way for it to become your normal chatter in your head? People can flatter you with love and compliments but it won't last long if you are your worst enemy in your head.

2. Schedule time for self care: Taking time for yourself, YES that is what i'm asking of you. Start planning in your calendar when you are going to make ME time. Something simple as walking outside when you are stressed at work. Having a thirty second dance party before you leave the house or waking up earlier to drink your morning tea and journal before your day starts. Also plan a day once a month or once a week that is dedicated only to YOU and what you want to do in that moment. I call this my Self Care Sunday!

3. Embrace your body and give yourself compliments: Why wait for someone else to love on you when you can love on yourself. Post sticky notes with positive affirmation reminders in your home or car as daily reminders. Think about what your body gives YOU the ability to do and not just what it looks like.

4. Slow down and listen to your body:Are you hungry? Tired? are you drinking enough water? take a moment to pause and asking yourself, "What do I need right now?"

5. Set boundaries with people and don't allow others to take advantage of you: Do you feel stressed or drained when you spend time with certain people? Do you get worked up the moment you see their name pop up on your phone? Don't feel guilty for letting people go in your life who do not have the best intentions for you or make you feel your best self. This is YOUR life and it's up to you on who you allow in your space. Letting people go creates more room for the people who have love and light to bring into your life. For the people who believe in you and make you want to be a better person everyday. For the ones who truly have your back and don't secretly sabatoge you.

6. Allow yourself to RECIEVE: When someone gives you a compliment or does something nice for you, fully receive it. Practice saying thank you instead of no, giving a reason on why you're not amazing or giving the compliment right back because they gave one. The practice of giving is also receiving it back so allow that to happen. Soak it all in.


Katie: OMG Molly you are just radiating such light and beauty

Molly: Oh stop no way, I look so gross today! but you are so pretty.

STOP: Just say thank you and smile - RECIEVE RECIEVE RECIEVE

7. Journal/movement: We hold our emotions, pain, trauma, stress and so on physically in our bodies. By writing out how you feel daily and getting some kind of movement in, you allow yourself a healthy way to release instead of it coming out in ways of body pain, headaches, anxiety, anger and so on. Go on a walk when you feel upset, breathe fresh air or have a dance party in public or alone at home hehe.

Joined in on the dancing fun in Sydney

8. Acknowledge your strengths: Make a list of all the reasons why you are amazing and what your strengths are. A list to go back to when you are being hard on yourself.

9. BE KIND TO YOURSELF: We can be too hard on ourselves sometimes and especially in times of self doubt. Acknowledge how amazing you are and be loving on difficult days. Use this as a mantra and repeat this out loud until you embody what it means to be kind to yourself. Celebrate the little things such as the fact you got out of bed today. That is an accomplishment!

10. Make a list on reasons you love yourself: Often times some people find it easier to make a list of reasons you hate yourself and what good does that do besides make you feel horrible about yourself? Instead acknowledge the reasons that make you a divine human in this world. Each one of you are here for a reason and have special gifts you might not have tapped into yet. Start loving on yourself and you will find these gifts.

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