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Single Sessions

Hello and welcome!

Fot those interested in a coaching session or energy healing session with Kayla please choose which appointment best suits you and your time zone. Kayla will be in contact via email to help you prepare for your session after you have booked. 

Please read below before booking your session:

First-time booking: 

For energy healing please book the 75-minute energy healing session. I need more time for your first session. 

For coaching please book the 90-minute session as I need more time for your first session. 


Cancellation Policy:

All appointments scheduled must be canceled or rescheduled with 48-hour notice to avoid being charged for the session. If you cancel before the 48-hour notice you can reschedule your session.

If you cancel at the last minute the reserved spot can not be rescheduled.

Sessions that are "No Show" are charged the total amount of the session. 

Pre-Paid Session Policy:

If you have pre-paid for a session and would like to cancel that session, there will be a 10% processing fee or a minimum of $20 for payments under $200 to cover credit card processing charges, the fees that were taken out from stripe when the payment was processed and administrative time. Any paid sessions must be canceled within 48 hours of the time of payment or monies are forfeited, this includes any pre-paid packages.

Coaching Sessions


60-minute session for $195USD

 90-minute session for $275USD
 120-minute session for $375USD
Distance Energy Healing Sessions:
If this is your first session please book the 75-minute session to start with the option of added support or not.
(60-minute) 5 minutes to connect on phone + 45-minute session + 10-15 minute voice message $150USD
(75-minute) 5 minutes to connect on the phone + 55-minute session + 15 minute voice message $195USD
 (75-minute + extra support) A 60-minute session + 15 minutes to connect after and support the following week through voice message $277USD
(90-minute) 5 minutes to connect on the phone + 75 minute healing + 15 minute or so voice message. 
Talk to Kayla to hear what this session includes. She will email you an E-book after you book your session for questions you may have, how to prepare for your session, and after your session.
Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions:
60-minute Coaching session and 45-minute Energy Healing session + 15 minutes to connect after $295USD
What's Included in your sessions:

All energy healing sessions include a music playlist to listen to during your session. As well as an Oracle card reading. 5-10 minutes on the phone to connect/set intentions, a photo of a crystal grid I made for you, and a 10-15 minute voice recording of what came through after your sessions. 

Coaching sessions include an Oracle card reading, an email with details from the session, and soul work.

What can Kayla help you with for energy healing?

- Clearing dark attachments (entities)

- Clearing energy that's not yours

- Giving you a full reset

- Calming your mind and nervous system to ease anxiety or help you sleep better

- Receiving messages or visions for you

 and much more

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