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Single Sessions
Book single sessions or a program

Option of a free 30-minute consultation over zoom or what's app

Sessions are available in person if you are local. Otherwise over the phone if you reside in Australia

Zoom call or what's app calls for coaching if you live outside of Australia

Coaching Sessions


60-minute session for $195

 90-minute session for $275
 120-minute session for $375
Distance Energy Healing Sessions:
Intro 75-minute energy healing session. 15 minutes of connecting on the phone to discuss your intentions, answer questions, and guide you with 45 minutes of distant energy healing and 15-minute voice messaging after. $170
45-minute session + 15 minutes to connect after $139
 60-minute session + 15 minutes to connect after $199 
 A 60-minute session + 15 minutes to connect after and support the following week through voice message $277
Talk to Kayla to hear what this session includes. She will email you an Ebooks after you book your session for questions you may have, how to prepare for your session, and after your session.
Coaching and Energy Healing Sessions:
60-minute Coaching session and 45-minute energy Healing session + 15 minutes to connect after $295
What's Included in your sessions:

All distance and in-person energy healing sessions include a music playlist to listen to during your session. As well as an oracle card reading. For distance sessions, you will receive a crystal grid with photos, and a 5-10 minute voice recording of what came through after your sessions. 

Coaching sessions include an oracle card reading, an email with details from the session, and goals to work on. 

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