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About Kayla


I am Kayla, and my journey as a self-love coach was not something I planned. I battled with an eating disorder, doubted my worth, and struggled with anxiety for years. But those three powerful words, "YOU ARE ENOUGH," ignited a profound healing journey that has spanned over 12 transformative years.

At a young age, I was also heavily influenced by negative energies that sought to obscure my inner light. Simultaneously, I began to forge connections with ethereal spirits and to perceive the subtle energies that enveloped me. For many years, I shied away from this path, driven by fear and uncertainty.

However, when I finally summoned the courage to embrace these gifts and vulnerabilities, a transformative healing journey unfolded before me.


Through this process, I discovered that by delving into the depths of my own soul, I could facilitate healing on a profound level. It was in this self-discovery and transformation that I found my purpose — to extend a loving hand to guide others on their own healing odysseys.

Through meditation, lifestyle changes, mentors, and deep inner work, I discovered the power of self-love. Now, my passion is helping women reclaim their unique essence without endless self-sabotage. Remembering who they came here to be, seeing themselves without the mask, and shining their light into this world, knowing their worth.

I've witnessed incredible transformations in the lives of those I've worked with, and that's where I thrive.

My journey also led me to incorporate energy healing, and today I'm a certified Holistic Metaphysical Healing Practitioner and Reiki practitioner combined with Theta and Creative Emotional Wizardry.

 My sacred mission is to gently hold space, allowing you to access the depths of your inner self. Part of this process is facilitating the removal of negative energies that may have attached themselves to your being, obscuring your radiant light and hindering your true path.

My work has led me on the journey of working with children, teens, suicide prevention, mental health organizations, and women.

My passion now is working with women around the world to feel enough and worthy as they celebrate one another.

Knowing that there is enough room for us all to shine our lights in this world.

 I'm here to show you that you are more than enough, always have been, and always will be. Together, we'll break through blocks, conquer fears, and create the life you've always dreamed of.

I offer unwavering support and guidance, ensuring you feel the best you've ever felt in your body. With my cheerleading, we bid farewell to self-doubt and ignite your inner light.

As a firm believer in seeking specialized help when needed, I'll always ensure you get the support you require. My intention is to be a pillar of support for those who feel alone and in need, reaching out through the online world.

Take the first step and say "yes" to yourself. Join me for a free discovery call within a safe and unashamed space. Together, we'll ignite your light and embrace the journey of self-love.

In situations where I encounter matters beyond my expertise or recognize a more specialized practitioner who can better serve your unique requirements, I hold the utmost commitment to guiding you towards the most suitable support for your healing journey.


For healing, much like life itself, unfolds in intricate layers, and there is a compassionate and capable guide for each one.

With love, Kayla

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