About Kayla

Hello everyone! I am Kayla and my journey of Self-Love started in 2013 when I was 19 years old. In that moment I was in a mentally abusive relationship with an addict. I ignored my own needs and didn’t realize I was slowly killing myself. Not only did I have an eating disorder but, I also had depression and constant anxiety. I would play out different ways in my head that I could commit suicide. Leaving this world was the number one thought in my head and I had attempted multiple times before the age of 14. My inner dialogue was “you will never be enough, you’re fat, you’re ugly, you are nothing” and I believed that voice in my head every single day. I had no self confidence and Self care was foreign to me.


Once I finally left this toxic relationship I slowly dipped into the waters of finding my community. I wandered to a yoga studio in Portland where I knew no one and I remember laying in the yoga class when my teacher said three words that changed my life. She told me “You are enough” which I had never heard before. People can say I love you and you’re beautiful but those words were powerful. I then went home and questioned if I was enough even though I didn’t believe it. I started telling myself this everyday even though I thought it was a lie. I joined the yoga teacher training to deepen my practice and try something new.


Slowly I started shifting my language from negative self talk to positive self talk. One day I went home and looked in the mirror, this time everything was different. I started crying because I saw myself for the first time. I saw what I had been doing to myself and how unhealthy I was. I promised to learn how to take better care of myself. This journey of self love has not been easy but it’s the most rewarding gift I could ever dream of. Once I began to believe in myself I started doing the things I didn't have confidence or strength to do before.


In April of 2017 my family lost two incredible humans from suicide. My cousin John and his girlfriend Nicole a week apart. This woke me up and showed me that there is no waiting to get myself out there and make an impact. I can’t bring them back but I can save others. Since then I have found myself with the right people at the right time needing to hear what I have to say. I am guided by something greater then me that is giving me the words that need to be spoken to the people that need to hear what I have to say. I have been asked to share my voice and speak up. I do not look for the people I work with, they find me. 


Some days are harder than others but everyday you have a choice which way you want to go. I lived in that dark place and it’s time for me to lead the way and show you that there is another way out. A brighter more fun one! Learning how to heal your deepest wounds and love yourself fully will change your life. To embrace the souls we were given because each one of us are unique in this world. Once you start embracing you, everything shifts in the most beautiful way.

Because of my past I have a love and understanding for all people from many different paths. Through my spiritual journey I have found myself to be a leader for others. To have the ability to bring people back to life that thought this was it. I have been taken under the wings of many great mentors. One being a goddess who works with angels. I have watched, listened and learned while finding my own unique way of bringing love into others lives. I am now a mother of a sweet baby boy and using my experience to help mothers keep or find their identity. For them to feel good in there skin and find passion in their lives. 

I am here to show you the way of the next chapter of your life.