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You CAN Do It

How many of you have ever been afraid to try something new after having set backs in your life? You really want something but you're nervous you will fail or won't be strong enough. I want to tell you about a student who truly inspired me last week and hopefully her story will inspire you too. Maia came into EDGE at the Beaverton location before we started Tru Hot Pilates and told me something profound. Four years ago she was hit by a car and survived but she was faced with brain damage. Before the accident she was a fitness queen and I'm talking about someone who is at the gym seven days a week. This accident was a huge turning point in her life because she had to learn a new way of living

Create Your Own Sunshine

How are you happy all the time? Why do you smile so much when there are many reasons not to smile? How do you stay positive on bad days? These are the questions I've been getting asked for years. I recently had a friend tell me she couldn't stand being around me when she first met me because I was so happy all the time. As she grew to know me she realized she loved me because I lift her up and make her feel her best self. The reason she didn't like me at first was because she was not happy with herself. A simple not so simple answer to these questions is that I create my own sunshine. Yes, I create my own sunshine. I live in Portland, Oregon the rainy state where you must create sunshine dai

What I learned in 2017

2017 was a magical year filled with tragedy, love, growth and inspiration. In January I was still struggling with my break-up that ended up being the best thing for me. I was able to pick up my broken pieces and rebuild a stronger version of myself. I learned that I did not love the parts of me he loved and I needed to learn how to love those parts too. I learned that I can love someone deeply but not hurt from them anymore because I complete myself now. I followed my passion of going to medical school but found out I do not want to be a doctor. Still I finished the medical assisting program even though it was difficult being in night school while working three jobs. I had my first office jo

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field