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Taking care of you Mental health during a pandemic

Hello beautiful humans,

I am writing to you from Melbourne, Australia. We entered lockdown number two last week and it has not been easy stayng positive. I am human so I admit i've had a few ups and downs but I wanted to share with you all how I am staying inspired and taking care of my mental health. Taking care of our mental health is so important. We are being tested right now and it's easy to go to the dark places. I always say that when you are light, darkness is always there to try and take you on a ride. How are you taking care of your mental health? What are you doing to lift yourself up daily?

I say daily because this work is a daily practice. Every day you need to do a little something for yourself.

Here are the top nine things that I practice daily to keep myself inspired during this lockdown:

1. Set the tone for your morning

The moment you wake up go outside. I call this waking up with the world. We often go on our phone, check emails, reply to text and so on before we are even awake yet. You are overstimulating your brain and already feeling off before you give yourself a chance to wake up. To go outside is to wake up with the world and acknowledge all the beauty around you. If you have to go to work and it's still dark out. Turn on some pump up music and get yourself grooving instead of looking at the news. Yes, we need to know what's going on in the world but do you need to know when you wake up? no!

2. Move your body

Movement makes us FEEL good. Get at least 30 minutes of movement in a day. If you don't want to workout get creative. I ordered a hula hoop off of Amazon. Turn on music and dance it all out baby.

(Hehe this is me when I first moved to Sydney. I saw someone dancing on the street and decided to join them)

3. Set Affirmations

Choose three affirmations to tell yourself that make you feel good and say them everyday. Maybe put sticky notes around the house so you can see them. Mine are "You are loved, You are worthy and you are enough". I told myself this everyday when I was recovering from an eating disorder and depression even though at the time I did not believe it. Eight years later I am now a self love guide helping others to do the same. The most powerful work is changing the language you speak to yourself. If you need support on this please send me a message. This is what I love helping people with. I am living proof that this works.

4. Nourish your body

A lot of how we are feeling has to do with our gut. Part of taking care of your mental health is nourishing your body with whole foods. Get creative in the kitchen. Look up recipes you have never tried before and get cooking. Don't worry about calories just eat what feels good and be kind to yourself.

5. Manifest

I believe that what you visualize and talk about will come true. Yes, we are in this wild pandemic but what if instead of talking about everything bad going on in the world, we focused on what we wanted the world to be. We talked about our next trips, our dreams and we manifested our future. Visualize, write down and speak what you want the future to be for you. What we put our energy into is important. You have the power to change your thoughts. Write it all you want to feel and the life that you want to create.

6. Talk to someone

You are not alone even though it feels very lonely right now. We are all going through this in our way and some people cope differently to others. If you are feeling down reach out to someone and if you are feeling amazing still reach out to someone. The way we are going to get through this is by communicating. You don't have to do this by yourself and when you feel down pick up the phone. I know what it feels like to feel lonely. I used to live in a very dark headspace and knew how hard it was to just call someone but I promise when you do, you will feel so much better.

7. Take self care

Make sure you are slowing down and listening to your bodies needs. Taking the time to fill your cup up. I am a mama to a ten month old baby boy Oliver. I know how hard it can be to get that self care but that's why you have to make time for it. If my son takes a nap I will dance, workout, journal and meditate but he doesn't always nap aha. On those days I reach for my Doterra essential oils. Sometimes that is the only self care I can get. To reach for my essential oils when I am strapped to the couch breast feeding or he will only sleep on me. T

hese oils help me with my anxiety and to just calm my nerves. I use them for Oliver too and cleaning my house. If you want to learn more about them just send me a message and I'll get you set up. Other ways I get self care if my child is dancing with him, having. a picnic in our back yard or our morning early walks pushing him in his pram. How ever you are able to get self care...make sure it is every day! Even a hot bath with essential oils or a nice shower. To recharge and revitalize your soul so you can have energy and feel good.

8. Treat yourself

A latte a day is a small price to pay for your mental health. A little something can go along way to bring excitement into your day during this lockdown. I treated myself this week to buy a carton of milk lab. My favorite brand of almond milk. It's more expensive but it's the same almond milk they use in the cafes so I can treat myself at home. We also started doing farm fresh deliveries to limit going to the grovery store. Feels good to get some local goods too....this is a highlight of my week hehe. Delivery is free so we are also saving money!

9. Learn something new

I took on learning how to macrame by watching youtube videos. Any moment I am able to I've created boards off of pinterest that inspire me and watch youtube videos on how to macrame. i've made some pretty awesome stuff and had never done this before. If there is something that interests you...DO IT! We live in a world where we have access to all the information we need to learn something new.

I hope these tips help you find some positivity and inspiration during these times. Please send me an email if you used any of these tips after reading this. I LOVE hearing from people and it inspires me to share more with you all. If anyone is needing extra support during these times please let me know. You can book your free discovery call on my website and I am offering a discounted intro session for anyone new right now. Sending my love to you all. Remember you are not alone and we will get through this!

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