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10 ways to love yourself more

The most important relationship you can have is the relationship with yourself because you set the tone for all other relationships in your life. If you have created a healthy foundation with yourself and your cup is overfilled with inner love, you will have more to offer to others. Loving ourselves can be a difficult task in a world where we are shown reasons everywhere not to be happy with who we are. Here are some simple ways you can bring self love into your life. 1. Be aware of the language you speak to yourself: Write down your normal self talk and look at the way you speak to yourself. Would you speak this way to a friend? If your self talk is more negative, how can you be more kind a

Why it's important for men to have strong authentic relationships

Hello everyone from Sydney, Australia! Before moving to Australia a friend of mine connected me with a man named Kim Everson who started an organization called, "Brothers". Brothers is a global movement that seeks to empower and inspire boys and men to create authentic and wholesome friendships, as well as combat damaging cultural influences that can hinder them from doing so. I reached out to Kim a few months ago and wahoo we finally were able to meet last week for coffee at the Opera house cafe. We could have stayed there all day talking about this subject of why men need strong authentic relationships. Kim expressed the reasons why this is difficult for men. We all want human connection,

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