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Welcome to the Mindset Mastery Group Coaching Program

 I am Kayla your Self-Love, Empowerment and Mindset Coach. I changed my life by changing my mindset. Now I've helped people all over the world change their lives too by changing the way they think. This work is priceless because we are talking about your mental health. The chatter you have in your head each day. I am here to help you quiet the negative thoughts or self-doubt and turn up the volume on a new way of thinking. Imagine what your life will be like when you fully believe in yourself.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”
― Suzy Kassem

You are in the right place if you can relate to anything below:

Lack of self-worth

Loud negative inner dialogue

Low confidence

Rarely take self-care

Lack of passion or inspiration

Critical or hard on yourself

Fear of the unknown 

Guilt around money 

How would your life change if you had no self-doubt or negative inner chatter? 

- You would have confidence in all the decisions you make

- Feel less stress in your life

- More time spent doing things that you enjoy

- Overall a more fulfilling happy life

- Less conflict and deeper connections with those you love 

- Wake up in the morning feeling more energized and excited for the day

- Take the time to slow down and listen to your bodies needs

- Reach new goals in your business or at your job that you didn't know were possible

- Speak your truth and not have fear around being seen

- Feel happier in your home life and bring joy to those around you 

- If you are a parent you will be setting an example for your children to not grow up with the same negative thinking patterns. 

- Grow in new ways and go through deep transformation 

- Be an inspiration for others that they too can change their mindset. 

What do I know about mastering your mindset? 

I lived in a dark headspace for many years of my life. With a negative inner dialogue telling me every day that I couldn't do it. That I wasn't smart and I wasn't enough for anything I desired in my life. This negative chatter made me believe that I was nothing. These thoughts took me to places I don't want anyone to feel. 

Self-doubt is not your friend and gets in the way of you doing all you came here for. Our time on this earth is not forever. Over the past nine years, I have been working on my inner dialogue. I take the tools I have and teach you how to apply them to your life, along with bringing out your unique essence you have to share with the world. I truly care about each person I work with and believe you are capable of anything you set your mind to.

My life purpose is to take you on a journey and work through all that has been stopping you to live your life fully. I didn't choose this job...this job chose me. From all the people I have helped over the years and seeing lives transform...that is why I do this great work in the world. YOU are my inspiration to keep sharing the knowledge. 

What does the Mindset Mastery Group Coaching Program include?

- Six private 1:1 coaching calls: Our first call will be a 1:1 coaching call before you join the group. Our first call is 90-minutes and the following are sixty minutes. This gives you personalized coaching during the program. You can use two calls a month or spread them out however you want. 


- Six group coaching calls: The first call is 90 minutes and the rest are around 60-minutes. Group coaching is over zoom and a great way for you to get support from others. If group settings are not your thing you can always not show yourself on camera. If you have fear around group settings this is a great opportunity to face your fears with support. 


- Unlimited email support: At any time during the program, you can email me about any questions you have or for support if anything comes up for you. 

- Private Facebook Group: You will have access to our private group with community support and daily support from me. As well as inspiration all week to keep you in a great headspace. 

- One personalized and recorded guided meditation emailed to you: I will be recording you a special meditation based on your needs to listen to at any time for getting grounded.  

- Homework: You will have homework after each coaching session to work on until our next call. To hold you accountable as well as so you can take all you learn in our sessions and apply them to your life.


- Personalized workbook to print out and work through in the program

-Monthly group challenges

- Graduation certificate to hang on your wall

- 10% off all future coaching sessions or gift discount to a loved one.

- 20% off if you want to extend your program to the 6-month Mindset Mastermind Group Coaching

When does this program start?

This program begins May 17th for booking your private 1:1 coaching calls and the first group coaching call will be the week of May 24th depending on everyone's schedule. Once you join you will be emailed the set dates for our group coaching calls. You will schedule your private calls when you desire throughout the program.


(Space is only available for 8 people)

Join before May 5th:


3 payments of $600 or pay in full for $1,700 


(Save $100 if you pay in full)

Join after May 5th:

3 payments of $700 or pay in full for $2,000

(Save $100 if you pay in full)

How do I Join?

Do you want to know how others did after working together? 

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