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I’ve been working with Kayla this whole year, we’ve done Reiki & energy healing from afar as we do not live near each other. She’s seen me through a miscarriage, and the loss of my grandad, and now guiding me through this healthy pregnancy journey I’m on. 

I described her as magic recently as everything she has done for me really feels like magic. I have found working with her more beneficial to me than past therapies I’ve had. She’s made me feel comfortable and understood. She is fantastic and I hope she can share this magic with many others xxx

- Roxanne Walker

"Kayla is blowing my mind with her healing abilities. I am also an energy healer and I was having so much exhaustion, brain fog, dizziness, and headaches, you name it…I felt like my energy field was just spiraling out of control more and more and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. No matter what I did I was just bogged down. As soon as she finished my session I felt amazing and so clear. She cleared so much off of me including some entities I picked up from a client, yikes! The clarity that came afterward allowed me to realize some really big things in my life that needed to be addressed that I couldn’t see the root cause of before because of the haze.


Within a day I was able to change these other things in my life and now I’m on the right track and feeling so so so much better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I feel like everything is falling into place now and I’m just so grateful for her! I feel like she literally saved my life! I’m definitely going to continue to see her on a regular basis and I’ve already referred her to 3 more people because I want everyone to experience this! It is seriously life-changing stuff and worth every penny."

- Jennifer Ann

"Kayla went and still goes above and beyond for me! Helped me with many of my insecurities and self-image. She made me feel comfortable and allowed me to open up freely. She's a great listener and gives great advice. I strongly encourage everyone to listen to what she has to say. Talking to her changed my life and her spirit is contagious you feel it when you're on the phone with her!! She brought me peace of mind and cheered me on through this amazing change. She has taught me different breathing and mental exercises that I can do to live in the moment and feel great every day of my life. The exercises and the words you internalise really work. She's worth her weight in gold and I'm so thankful we reached out to each other and asked for her guidance. Thanks again Kayla you're the best!"



"I have known Kayla for many years and watched and admired her work. When I was finally ready to follow my soul's calling to open up and help others with my journey as Kayla has, I reached out to Kayla to mentor me as I prepared for my path. She empowered me and gave me the tools I needed to be my best self. She did two separate energy healing sessions with me, after the first I felt more energy and lighter. After the second full hour session, it was truly magical the shift in consciousness that I felt! I was in a deep deep meditative state and when I came out I felt NEW it is hard to describe how connected with God, Source, and Divine I felt and still feel. After I had my husband check my chakra alignment and WOW everything is finally open again. Kayla has also helped with my 2-year-old, kiddos are so susceptible to energies and her work has made a huge differences for her as well."


- Lindsay

"It's hard to put into words how much Kayla has lifted me, guided me and brought healing to my life. We've been working together through one of the hardest times of my life and our sessions are often the highlight of my week. Her knowledge and wisdom is a gift to receive. A very cherished gift." 

                                                                                         - Maria

"Wow. Just WOW! Kayla is AMAZING at this work. I’m so lucky to have crossed paths with her I asked her to perform a reiki session on me, and was blown away by the results! I hadn’t been feeling right for months, I just knew there were things attached to me, draining my energy. She was able to clear SO much from me and my body! She was even able to tell me timelines as to when certain energies had attached themselves to me, and from that I knew exactly where they came from. Immediately after I felt able to breathe again, not feeling like the world and it’s problems were suffocating me anymore she gave me some really amazing advice about protecting my energy and it was so insightful, I’ll definitely be booking in for more sessions! and to Kayla - thank you thank you THANK YOU!! you’re a real life Angel and I appreciate everything you do in this world"

                                                                                   - Nicole Renwick

"Kayla is a true goddess!! Stuck, lost, frustrated, sad and hopeless are just some of the emotions I felt before I started working with Kayla.. I've been battling my disordered eating and exercise behaviours for 8 years. Having my daughter 3yrs ago really cemented for me that I wanted to heal as there's no way I want her to treat her body in the way I have mine, so I signed up for the Banging Body course! Kayla has held such nurturing, supportive space for me & has really helped me to move through my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts/actions & I now have some great tools to use. I've felt heard, seen and held. I feel more confident, happy to be moving forward and hopeful! I wouldn't be where I'm at on this self love journey without the beautiful wisdom and guidance from this sunshine human and I'm forever grateful to her."


                                                                                          - Sarah L 

"I recently went through Kayla's self love program. I am so glad I decided to do this for myself it was so needed especially during these trying times. I felt scared, anxious and alone. I had thoughts of not being enough, feeling that I don't deserve love. I would weigh myself daily and body shame. Kayla gave me the tools to find a new way of thinking. She has taught me so much. Kayla is very easy to talk to and makes you so comfortable and at ease. I found myself telling her things that I haven't been able to tell anyone. She doesn't judge but truly wants to help people. She has changed my life for the better. I use the tools she gave me every day because it takes time for change but I can happily say I have no clue what I weigh but I feel good in my skin! I am loved, I am enough and I am worthy. I wish everyone would take the time to work on themselves it is so needed. I highly recommend Kayla ♥️"


"I've been working with Kayla on Reiki & Energy healing since the beginning of 2022. I had followed her journey for a while and always wanted to reach out to work with her, but as a new mother, I felt like I didn’t have the time to prioritise this kind of work. BUT 2022 rolled around and my son was turning 1, it was time to prioritise my self love, my self care etc and it was almost meant to be as a post from Kayla popped up on my Instagram feed and I knew it was time. I had never done reiki before and wow, it blew my mind from the first session. I didn’t realise it would be so powerful from afar, but there was a real moment in my first session where I felt a huge wave of energy be shifted and when I received the voice note from Kayla after, it aligned! Since the first session, I have done 3 more, we have increased to 45minute sessions which have been great. 

I also had a family member at the other side of the world go through a really rough time and the first person I reached out to was Kayla, who told me she could do reiki from afar. Which we did and again, everything she found aligned with what had been going on, without me telling her prior. Her session really helped and I will be continuing to work with Kayla to support this family member. 
Kayla is simply incredible, she’s magic. She makes you feel good, believe in yourself. Her presence is beautiful. I would highly, highly recommend her work to anyone I can! Just special."


                                                                                                  -Roxanne Walker 

"I have been blessed with having met Kayla through a beautiful Auction in Jan 2020, which was held online to assist a family experiencing a less than easy time with health.  I purchased a package of 3 Self-Love sessions.  From the beginning there was a beautiful, sincere and tranquil energy emanating from Kayla.  Each session was done over the phone yet the vibration and intention were pure, safe and like coming home - coming home to myself not the outside noises or influences.  Kayla listened intentively, heard me even in my awkward silence.  There were message from each of our discussion around how I could be more in love with myself and how to be more empowered in each moment.  The thought of that made me cringe - SELF LOVE, yet this was because I was stuck in old belief's, thoughts and programs and unresolved trauma, the words that I repeated subconsciously were the ones I heard growing up over and over, so this became my inner dialogue.  It was reflected in relationships, home and generally towards all aspects of my life. 


Some days the repetition of these words was very constant and became so overwhelming.  I would assist others in hope this would heal my own wounds, yet knowing that I was truly avoiding my own worth and importance of me healing to move forward.  I have done lots of work around this over the years, and manage to still find more work as nothing happens overnight, it takes time and dedication.  So I sheduled another block of sessions with Kayla to keep going.  Before each session,  Kayla would tune in prior to her calling me and lay out just the right amount crystals, clear the sacred space, and would have cards from her Oracal decks etc,  reflective to my experience between the previous session to the one that was about to commence.   


Kayla would commence the call with asking me about my experiences, follow up on support work that was given at the end of each session, what had occurred since last speaking with her, we would address both the positive and less than, then we would get into the next section of what presented in that very moment.  No one sessoin is the same, yet its a breathe of fresh air and brings in so many wonderful little happy feelings that I too am deserving of kindness and compassion.  It taught me a stronger truth, that I am important.  I am thankful for this magnificent Soul and the way she delivers the messages that we forget."

                                                                                                      - Chez

"Kayla has been working with my son, he is only 7 years old but I started noticing he has already been feeling down about himself. Not wanting to take his shirt off because he feels chubby. Kayla has been working with him on self love and I can already see a difference in his confidence and the way he talks about himself. Kayla knows how to connect well with children. My son is normally very shy but he has opened up to Kayla. Thank you Kayla for love and guidance with both myself and my son!"


"Kayla was instrumental in providing my daughter support during a challenging time. Her natural abilities create a safe, compassionate space that almost every child resonates with, and my daughter immediately connected to her. Each time they met she came prepared to help fortify my daughter's foundation of self-love coupled with tools to teach her how to move through big feelings of self-doubt. Kayla is a true gem of a soul and we are forever grateful for the work she is putting out into the world."


"Having known Kayla personally, I initially reached out to touch base about pregnancy. My previous labor had been difficult and I was determined to be better prepared and committed to natural birth. Kayla had recently given birth, and as I knew she had utilized substantial natural support during her pregnancy and labor (exercise, meditation, nutrition, essential oils, pressure points, etc.) I figured she would be a wonderful resource. What ensued was a customized eight-week program designed just for me. When I read through the plan and found weeks devoted to personal growth and past healing, I was apprehensive. I didn’t want a therapy session; I just wanted a better birth. But I trusted the process and am grateful for doing so. I was unaware of how much past emotional trauma, the tension in my relationships, and, mostly, my lack of self-awareness and self-care was controlling my life. With each week’s focus, I was able to make somewhat simple, yet drastic changes to my inner dialogue thought process and lifestyle. By the time we integrated birth (and post-partum) preparation, I realized how essential focusing on my personal healing and growth was to be better able to prepare for my new baby.

I did not have time to do this program; I did not want to. But I am eternally grateful for investing in myself. In two short months, I was able to take control of my life by acknowledging and redirecting my emotions and body and by re-prioritizing my commitments and goals for the future. Going through this program with Kayla gave me the tools to be confident and empowered myself to make a pathway for a fulfilling existence. My future is inspired. Not only am I happier, but I am more capable of coping with difficult emotions and situations in positive ways. Because I am more present for myself, I am becoming a better mother and partner and friend, and sibling. I am ecstatic to have the confidence and drive to plan a home birth for my child and am making changes to follow my dream career. 

Though much of this process is self-guided, the structure of the program naturally holds you accountable to yourself. Kayla offers a unique perspective, driven by her past experiences and her beautiful love and belief in others that enable you to dig deep into your soul and pull out your own strength and solutions, supported in a safe space. Her gentle and constant encouragement to embrace yourself and persist, to trust that you are worthy and enough, has been like finding a life raft in a tumultuous storm. 

Kayla is an exceptional life coach, driven by a passion and desire to empower individuals. Perhaps you are preparing for another child, perhaps you feel something is lacking or stagnant. Perhaps you have goals and desires in your heart that you are afraid to pursue. Kayla offers a judgment-free program designed just for you. The best part: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."


"The girls graduated their 8- week empowerment program with

Kayla Pickering!


This has been such a wonderful experience for our girls! I feel so grateful that our girls had the opportunity to learn tools that will serve them in many aspects of their life. Throughout the 8 weeks, they learned about self-love, self-compassion, self-care, confidence, communication skills, speaking their truth, and advocating for themselves. The girls and I meditate together, they talk to us about their feelings and speak their truth.


They create their own sunshine and even have dance parties with us now! I can't imagine what they are going to accomplish in life having these resources and awarenesses so young! All this is possible because of the work that Kayla did with them. Kayla has been so great and I do not have girls that easily open up to people. The fact that they connected with her on the level that they did at the first session amazes me. Kayla has a natural talent, she radiates love and positivity and used words, explanations, and activities that the girls could understand and learn from.


From the first time I met with Kayla to talk about our needs, I felt like I had known her for years. In the very first session, Amaya's first words were " I feel light like I can breathe." She was learning to hold in her feelings and stress rather than speak about what was up for her. Each session the girls were so excited to share what they learned and each session they would open up to us more. I recommend Kayla's sessions for any young children! There does not need to be a crisis for us to provide our children with this beautiful gift that will serve them for many years to come! Thank you, Kayla, for all that you taught the girls these past 8 weeks!"

- Zulma Larios

"You know when you meet someone, and they have a natural, yet contagious inspirational shine to them?  That is Kayla times 1,000.  When you are around someone with this light that has so much love for other people, you cannot help but love yourself-at least a little. 


You know the childhood imagination we all once had?  The imagination where we thought we would be doctors, firefighters, a dump truck driver, or the next Britney Spears without any fear of doubt or judgment?  Somewhere between our creative childhood and our adult lives, we lose that sense of creativity, and we gain doubt about ourselves.  In a quick 4-5 weeks with Kayla, she brought that belief back into myself.  I had the honor to meet with Kayla one-on-one and after these meetings, I would find that I was back to my childhood imagination and I was fueled with inspiration.  This is something I desperately needed, at no point in our lives should we stop dreaming about our futures. 


Since my sessions with Kayla I have been able to shift my mindset concerning a delicate, yet very important situation in my life that I was allowing to take me over physically/emotionally. Kayla showed me that I was not loving myself throughout that situation, while that situation is still a part of my life it is no longer my life. 


The Self Care Program with Kayla has helped me lay a foundation of sincere love for myself, Kayla is an investment to yourself-Self Love is priceless!"

- Ashley Pollard 

Don’t believe the things you tell yourse

Testimonials from my workshops: 

"I loved the Mental Wellness Workshop. Kayla is a wonderful facilitator. Her essence shined bright with empathy, passion, and wisdom. I felt so bad to check in late and almost just gave up and cried... but I felt the fear and embarrassment and did it anyway (my daughter was not falling asleep easy, I never even showered or changed my clothes that day and I was a hot mess in every aspect haha ) Anyways I am so glad I did! I have so many wonderful notes and gained a lot of good perspective from her. I have not completed a vision board in many years and I am inspired to do that again. Reminding me of the power of visualization and setting my intentions. I loved all her suggestions and insight on mental wellness. She made us feel comfortable to speak up during the call and share our truth, or to not if we weren't feeling like it.. and no shame in that. She is an amazing woman and gifted in so many ways! Honestly, I had never even used Zoom and had no idea what I was doing, so I was all out of sorts. Thank you, Kayla, for being so welcoming of me 20 minutes late and greeting me with your warm embrace. Sharing your gift with the world is a blessing to witness. I am so thankful to have been a part of this container and would recommend this workshop to literally everyone. I am really looking forward to more of her workshops."


With gratitude, 

Kelly Seaton 

"I can't express enough gratitude for Kayla’s thought-provoking, powerful, & uplifting Mental Health workshop last night. During a time when fear is abundant, she challenged us to look at those fears & call them out, not hide from them. She allowed us to go through the process of breaking down our fears & negative thought processes to truly learn & grow from them, not hide from them. I feel like I am now equipped with the tools I need to rework my inner dialogue to follow my heart, my gut, & my true desires.

The value of this workshop is abundant. Rather than just something you can do once, she breaks down simple processes that you can include in each day. This allows her participants to not just grow & learn in those two hours- but take those lessons & apply them moving forward, over & over again.

I can’t recommend her workshops enough. From the value of the lessons learned, to the calm, empathetic, & open environment that she facilitates, it was all magnificent & well thought out.  You can tell she genuinely cares about everyone she interacts with. Can’t wait for the next one!!"

Brooke Homer

"Kayla is a beautiful being with such a soothing grounded essence that translates in person and on a zoom call. I have had three experiences of Kayla’s offering and all the times they helped me pivot with more positive energy. I have experienced two group sessions with her one on self-love and the other on mental health wellness and I was lucky enough to have a one on one healing in person.

The way she holds space for you to heal and unravel is so magical. She reminds me to be gentle with myself which is my biggest lesson."


"Our self-love workshop with Kayla was inspirational. We confronted our deepest fears and learned things about ourselves that sometimes we’re scared to admit. We learned how to turn our negative inner voice into a nurturing, accepting, and growth mindset."

Thanks so much, Kayla for an unforgettable night

James & Fran 

Performance Playground | lululemon Ambassador 

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