"Our self-love workshop with Kayla was inspirational. We confronted our deepest fears and learnt things about ourselves that sometimes we’re scared to admit. We learnt how to turn our negative inner voice in to a nurturing, accepting and growing mindset."

Thanks so much Kayla for an unforgettable night

James & Fran 

Performance Playground | lululemon Ambassador 

"You know when you meet someone, and they have a natural, yet contagious inspirational shine to them?  That is Kayla times 1,000.  When you are around someone with this light that has so much love for other people, you cannot help but to love yourself-at least a little. 


You know the childhood imagination we all once had?  The imagination where we thought we would be doctors, firefighters, a dump truck driver, or the next Britney Spears without any fear of doubt or judgement?  Somewhere between our creative childhood and our adult lives we lose that sense of creativity, and we gain doubt about ourselves.  In a quick 4-5 weeks with Kayla, she brought that belief back into myself.  I had the honor to meet with Kayla one-on-one and after these meetings I would find that I was back to my childhood imagination and I was fueled with inspiration.  This is something I desperately needed, at no point in our lives should we stop dreaming about our futures. 


Since my sessions with Kayla I have been able to shift my mindset concerning a delicate, yet very important situation in my life that I was allowing to take me over physically/emotionally. Kayla showed me that I was not loving myself throughout that situation, while that situation is still a part of my life it is no longer my life. 


The Self Care Program with Kayla has helped me lay a foundation of sincere love for myself, Kayla is an investment to yourself-Self Love is priceless!"

- Ashley Pollard 

"Having known Kayla personally, I initially reached out to touch base about pregnancy. My previous labor had been difficult and I was determined to be better prepared and committed to a natural birth. Kayla had recently given birth, and as I knew she had utilized substantial natural support during her pregnancy and labor (exercise, meditation, nutrition, essential oils, pressure points, etc.) I figured she would be a wonderful resource. What ensued was a customized eight-week program designed just for me. When I read through the plan and found weeks devoted to personal growth and past healing, I was apprehensive. I didn’t want a therapy session; I just wanted a better birth. But I trusted the process and am grateful for doing so. I was unaware of how much past emotional trauma, tension in my relationships and, mostly, my lack of self-awareness and self-care was controlling my life. With each week’s focus, I was able to make somewhat simple, yet drastic changes to my inner dialogue, thought process and lifestyle. By the time we integrated birth (and post-partum) preparation, I realized how essential focusing on my personal healing and growth was to being better able to prepare for my new baby.

I did not have time to do this program; I did not want to. But I am eternally grateful for investing in myself. In two short months I was able to take control of my life by acknowledging and redirecting my emotions and body and by re-prioritizing my commitments and goals for the future. Going through this program with Kayla gave me the tools to be confident and empowered myself to make a pathway for a fulfilling existence. My future is inspired. Not only am I happier, but I am more capable of coping with difficult emotions and situations in positive ways. Because I am more present for myself, I am becoming a better mother and partner and friend and sibling. I am ecstatic to have the confidence and drive to plan a home birth for my child and am making changes to follow my dream career. 

Though much of this process is self-guided, the structure of the program naturally holds you accountable to yourself. Kayla offers a unique perspective, driven by her past experiences and her beautiful love and belief in others that enables you to dig deep into your soul and pull out your own strength and solutions, supported in a safe space. Her gentle and constant encouragement to embrace yourself and persist, to trust that you are worthy and enough, has been like finding a life-raft in a tumultuous storm. 

Kayla is an exceptional life coach, driven by a passion and desire to empower individuals. Perhaps you are preparing for another child, perhaps you feel something is lacking or stagnant. Perhaps you have goals and desires in your heart that you are afraid to pursue. Kayla offers a judgment-free program designed just for you. The best part: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

- Unknown for privacy