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Welcome to BLOSSOM
Your 7-week group coaching program


This program is for you if: 

- You find yourself in negative spirals talking to yourself in an unkind way, blocking yourself from trying new things, or comparing yourself to others. 

- You feel disconnected from your body and are unhappy with what you see when you look in the mirror. 

- You don't often take the time to slow down and nourish yourself. You find yourself reaching burnout to slow down. 

- You are letting fears get in the way of doing all you came here to do but you are ready to step into a new confident version of yourself. 

- You want to make positive changes in your life but you don't know-how. 

- You have a hard time saying no and setting boundaries which leave you feeling resentful or drained. 

- You desire to meet like-minded humans who will support you through this transformation and grow together. 

- Overall you want to have a more loving relationship with yourself. 

Why group coaching?

Healing happens with more velocity when we have a strong support system. We thrive when we are seen, heard, and surrounded by others that want the best for us. Group coaching offers the opportunity to rise with a group of humans whom you vibe with while holding each other accountable. You all have chosen this program because your soul is calling for it.


This program is focused on shifting your limiting beliefs, overcoming fears, nourishing your relationship with yourself, raising your vibration, and stepping into whom you came here to be with more confidence. What better way to do it than with a small group of people who are cheering you on along the way? A community that holds each other accountable and gives you ongoing support. If you are looking for your tribe or want to be a part of something are in the right place! 


In this 7-week program, we will explore:

Week one till the soil: Shifting the language you speak to yourself, awareness of your blocks, and setting goals for the program  

Hands in the Soil

In this session, we will cover:


+ The power of your mind and how you can change your life by changing your thoughts.

+ Awareness of old patterns and limiting beliefs that are stopping you from being whom you came here to be. 

+ Working through those patterns and limiting beliefs to weed the garden of your mind. 

+ Setting goals for the program. 

+ How to begin practicing self-love. 

+ Writing new stories that will empower you.

Week two Plant the seed - Working through any fears/blocks 

Untitled design-6.png

In this session, we will cover:


+ Clearing the blocks that are getting in the way of your rising. 


+ Speaking your truth without fear of getting in the way. 


+ Standing in your power. 


+ Facing your deepest fears. 


+ Building confidence. 

Week three Water - Self-care


In this session, we will cover: 


Listening to what your body is calling for. 

+ Deeply nourishing your needs. 


+ Make self-care and yourself a priority. 


+ Daily practices and rituals to keep your cup overflowing. 


+ Slowing down to hear the call. 

+ Practicing self-love and self-acceptance

Week four Germinate the seed - Tune into intuition/Setting boundaries with June Mac

In this session, we will cover: 


+ Tuning in to your inner guidance and trusting where you are called to. 


+ Putting an end to questioning yourself. 


+ Practices to strengthen your intuition. 


+ Knowing the difference between your intuition and mind. 

+ How to let your body guide you to the answers. 


+ How to protect yourself energetically.


+ How to say no to honor yourself and your needs. 

Week five Sunshine - Raise your vibration, play/ Connect to your body 

Untitled design-7.png

In this session, we will cover: 


+ How to bring more play and excitement into your day. 


+ Bringing movement into your day. 


+ Connecting more deeply with your body. 


+ Acknowledging all your body does for you daily. 


+ Why play is key to a fulfilling life. 


+ Overall creating a more loving connected relationship with your body. 

Week 6 Blossom - Realize and Rise to your purpose - with Kristin Fritz


In this session, we will cover: 


+ Start discerning what your purpose is … and what it isn’t.

+ Discover how to fully live your purpose and why you can’t afford not to.

Claim the 3 C’s you already have so they can fully support you in all that you do.

+ Learn how to fearlessly meet obstacles that get in the way of living your purpose.

+ Plus … Receive a recorded meditation led by Kristin, designed to support you as you continue to Blossom beyond this program.

Week 7 Connection - A session for connecting with your community, acknowledging and  celebrating how far you have come 


Sunflower Field

In this session, we will cover: 


+ Acknowledging and celebrating how far you have come throughout the program. 

+ A surprise session based on where everyone is at in the program. 

+ Answer any questions you have. 

Bonus: A one on one 60-minute session with Kayla

+ A session for you to book a 60-minute 1:1 with Kayla for coaching or energy healing.

This program will:

- Help you to release any limiting beliefs that are stopping you from doing all you came here to do. To be kinder to yourself and not spiraling to dark places with your thoughts. 

- Boost the the confidence you didn't know you had in yourself. For you to step into the human you have always wanted to be. 

- Give you a deeper appreciation for your body. Where you can see all your body does for you each day. 

- Build an empowering and loving relationship with yourself. Where you are kinder to yourself and intune with your body. 

- Create sacred space and rituals before you start your day and when you are ending your day. 

- Bring more play and fun into your life. Shifting stuck or stagenet energy and overall raising your vibration. 

Meet your coaches


Kristin Fritz

Kristin Fritz is a certified meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, and love activist. 

With an emphasis on ease and simplicity, she delivers practical tools and insights for a lifestyle of less stress and more purpose.

Kristin’s training includes the University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness; Loyola Marymount program for Yoga, Mindfulness and Social Change; Davidji’s Masters of Wisdom Teacher Certification; Coach Training Alliance; and HeartMath Institute.


She has served as an ambassador for Lululemon and Yoga2Life Coaching.

Demonstrating her passion for accessibility and giving back, Kristin’s Meditation Sit Kit and online meditations are available at no cost, and all proceeds from her meditation classes are donated to nonprofit organizations that promote healing justice.


June Mac

June Mac is a Psychic, Clairvoyant Energy Healer and Intuition mentor.

June’s passion is lighting the way for others on their own spiritual journey and evolution.

Her readings and sessions gift her clients a unique connection with their own spirit and astral guide team as well as a remembering of their soul’s essence and the magic they agreed to create this time around on earth.

She has many offerings she will be sharing with you. 


Day three of the mental health intention setting challenge...._._Today's prompt is _We are

Kayla Pickering

Kayla believes that when you are shining bright, so are the ones around you. 

Kayla Pickering is a Self-Love Empowerment coach, book author, affirmation card deck creator and has a deep passion for helping you shift the language you speak to yourself.  


She is also a certified Holistic Metaphysical Practitioner, Reiki practitioner, practices CEW, and is here to raise your vibration.


"It's hard to put into words how much Kayla has lifted me, guided me, and brought healing to my life. We've been working together through one of the hardest times of my life and our sessions are often the highlight of my week. Her knowledge and wisdom is a gift to receive. A very cherished gift"

   - Maria

"I recently went through Kayla's self-love program. I am so glad I decided to do this for myself it was so needed, especially during these trying times. I felt scared, anxious, and alone. I had thoughts of not being enough, feeling that I don't deserve love. I would weigh myself daily and body shame. Kayla gave me the tools to find a new way of thinking. She has taught me so much. Kayla is very easy to talk to and makes you so comfortable and at ease. I found myself telling her things that I haven't been able to tell anyone. She doesn't judge but truly wants to help people. She has changed my life for the better. I use the tools she gave me every day because it takes time for change but I can happily say I have no clue what I weigh but I feel good in my skin! I am loved, I am enough and I am worthy. I wish everyone would take the time to work on themselves it is so needed. I highly recommend Kayla ♥️"

- Breanna

  • How does the program run?
    The program will be running through Upcoach when we aren't on calls and the calls will be through zoom. The zoom sessions will be a mix of coaching sessions where we are interating as a group as well as workshop style with Q & A at the end. During the week you will be using up coach where you can: - Connect with your community in the program through 1:1 messaging or in the group. - Use your accountability and encouragement tools. - Get your zoom links to join sessions. - Use your worksheets for the program. - Jump into events or program material. - Create accounatbility groups in the platform.
  • What is the investment?
    The program investment is $1,555 with the option of a payment plan. This program is valued at $3,600.
  • Is this program just for Australia?
    No, this program is worldwide.
  • When does the program begin?
    We are starting sometime in July. Depending on when spaces fill and date starting depends on what day works best for everyone.
  • How many people will be in the program?
    We want to keep this program intimate where everyone gets an opportunity to share if they want to. This program will be 10-15 people.
Application for BLOSSOM program

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Brooke Homer

"I can't express enough gratitude for Kayla’s thought-provoking, powerful, & uplifting Mental Health workshop last night. During a time when fear is abundant, she challenged us to look at those fears & call them out, not hide from them. She allowed us to go through the process of breaking down our fears & negative thought processes to truly learn & grow from them, not hide from them. I feel like I am now equipped with the tools I need to rework my inner dialogue to follow my heart, my gut, & my true desires.

The value of this workshop is abundant. Rather than just something you can do once, she breaks down simple processes that you can include in each day. This allows her participants to not just grow & learn in those two hours- but take those lessons & apply them moving forward, over & over again.

I can’t recommend her workshops enough. From the value of the lessons learned, to the calm, empathetic, & open environment that she facilitates, it was all magnificent & well thought out.  You can tell she genuinely cares about everyone she interacts with. Can’t wait for the next one!!"

Brooke Homer



"Kayla is a beautiful being with such a soothing grounded essence that translates in person and on a zoom call. I have had three experiences of Kayla’s offering and all the times they helped me pivot with more positive energy.


I have experienced two group sessions with her one on self-love and the other on mental health wellness and I was lucky enough to have one-on-one healing in person.

The way she holds space for you to heal and unravel is so magical. She reminds me to be gentle with myself which is my biggest lesson."


Happy Man


"Kayla went and still goes above and beyond for me! Helped me with many of my insecurities and self-image. She made me feel comfortable and allowed me to open up freely. She's a great listener and gives great advice.


I strongly encourage everyone to listen to what she has to say. Talking to her changed my life and her spirit is contagious you feel it when you're on the phone with her!! She brought me peace of mind and cheered me on through this amazing change.


She has taught me different breathing and mental exercises that I can do to live in the moment and feel great every day of my life. The exercises and the words you internalize really work.


She's worth her weight in gold and I'm so thankful we reached out to each other and asked for her guidance. Thanks again Kayla you're the best!"



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