I am Kayla Pickering, 

I work on a Holistic Metaphysical level showing you the power of your mind. How your thoughts create the life you live and that each thought can manifest what's happening in your mind and body. The biggest part of what I do is shifting the language you speak to yourself. 

I am your self-love empowerment coach and your biggest cheerleader. I am here to take you on a journey of conquering your biggest fears, helping you to discover your self-worth, release limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, love your body, mend your broken heart and, ease anxiety, and boost your confidence. As well as teaching you how to attract what you desire in life. I am here to hold your hand as you leap into the unknown.  

I share with you the tools I developed through experience and intuition. Through ten years of healing myself and four years of coaching professionally. 

This is a safe non judgemental space with coaching offerings from someone who's done the inner work to show you that it is possible. I also incorporate Reiki + Creative Emotional Wizardry energy healing for those that are interested. 

I work with adults, teens and children worldwide. Please explore my page and contact me for any questions you have or schedule a free 30-minute discovery call. 
You are in the right place if you or your loved one are looking to: 

- Boost your confidence 

- Change the stories that are holding you back and rewire your limiting beliefs

- Find love for your body 

- Calm your nerves and get through anxious thoughts 

- Conquer your fears 

- Discover your strengths and what unique vibration you bring into the world. 
- Heal past wounds
- Feel more than enough each day, whole and worthy (that sentence might have made you feel uncomfortable with the thoughts of that)

- Be challenged and grow with me as I hold space for you. 




My interview with The Natural Parent Magazine

What if you had the chance to change som
  The journey is messy


Not every day will be beautiful rainbows but every day you are stronger. Always keep moving and take time to ask yourself, what do I need right now?  - Kayla Pickering