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I am Kayla Pickering, 

I work on a Holistic Metaphysical level showing you the power of your mind. How your thoughts create the life you live. How the emotions you feel can be stored in different areas of your body and without them being released you can feel pain or go through challenging circumstances. I discover the energetic blocks that are getting in the way of you rising to your full potential. For you to gain energy, spark your creativity, and find deeper clarity in your life. Each human I work with has a unique experience in our sessions depending on what comes through to be cleared or healed. 

I am also your self-love empowerment coach. Through my proven methods I show you how to conquer your biggest fears, remember your self-worth, release limiting beliefs, heal past wounds, love your body, mend your broken heart, ease anxiety, and boost your confidence. As well as showing you how to attract what you desire in life. Teaching you how to trust yourself and tune into your intuition.   

I share with you the method I developed through eleven years of doing the inner work and six years of coaching professionally. 

This is a safe non-judgemental space with coaching offerings from someone who's done the inner work to show you that it is possible. I also incorporate Reiki + Creative Emotional Wizardry energy healing for those that are interested. 

You have the option of working together just through energy healing, coaching, or interwoven with both.

I work with adults worldwide. Please explore my page and contact me for any questions you have or schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to see if this is for you. 
My services are: 

Energy healing 

Self-Love Empowerment Coaching 

Group Coaching

Blossom begins mid-May with limited spaces.

What if you had the chance to change som


You are in the right place for coaching if you or your loved one are looking to: 


- Boost your confidence


 - Change the stories that are holding you back and rewire your limiting beliefs.


- Find love for your body - Calm your nerves and get through anxious thoughts


 - Conquer your fears

- Clear stuck or stagnant energy blockages.


 - Discover your strengths and what unique vibration you bring into the world.  


- Heal past wounds 


- Feel more than enough each day, whole and worthy


- Are open. ready, willing and eager to do the inner work

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