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Looking to host a Self Love workshop or should I say "Self Love Retreat" 


I would say this is a workshop but it's basically a mini retreat. You will leave feeling refreshed, grounded, clear minded, confident and excited for the next step of your life.


Many of us are looking for our "purpose" in life but aren't sure where to find it. As your self love guide, I will take you on a journey of discovering parts of yourself you never knew were in you. We seek answers from outside sources but you have had the answers within yourself all along. I give you the tools to look within and fall in love with who you are at the core. 

I will help you quiet the mind and guide you to find your greatest passions in life by removing the road blocks that are stoping you from being who you came here to be. 

Each retreat below will have activities that get your mind, body and soul aligned to stay present. Including essential oils if no one is sensitive to them. 

You can choose between pilates/dance, yoga/pilates, yoga/pilates/meditation or surprise. This is all designed to bring more fun and love into your life so we will be silly. Plan for laughter and tears because that's what happens when you are a human. You will be releasing and letting go of a lot to make space for new opportunities in your life. You will be in a loving supportive safe environment where no judgement or harsh comments are allowed. 

By attending this retreat you are finding value in yourself and taking the time to do something that is good for your mental health. 

Each retreat is designed to be two to three hours depending on your schedule and what you are looking for. Below are some retreat outlines but if you tell me what you are looking for I can custom design one for you. 

What if you had the chance to change som

Self love expedition retreat

Come on a journey, to learn the tools of Self Love. 

What is Self Love? - In a world where we are told and shown to not be happy with ourselves, I am here to teach you how to fall in love with all of the parts of yourself you never thought were possible. When we can fully love ourselves then we can love others more deeply. Teaching you that self love is the key to living a fulfilled happy life.  

Become aware of your inner Dialogue - Are you more kind or hateful towards yourself? We live in our heads everyday and it's a much better place when we are kind with our thoughts.  Do you have a negative inner dialogue? Are you hard on yourself when you make a mistake?  How can we change your negative inner dialogue to positive? (no more saying, "I'm fat, stupid or not good enough") I have come up with fun different activities to get you out of your head and into your heart. 

Learn to set the foundation with yourself and the importance of having a relationship with you. - When the relationship with ourselves is strong then we don't seek love from others for validation. 

POSITIVE BODY IMAGE - Every body is beautiful so let's embrace the ones we were given. There is no perfect body and when we can stop comparing ours to others we will be happy. Learn what your body gives you the ability to do instead of just what it looks like on the outside. 

Self Care - How can you be 100%, if you are not taking the time to recharge your body? Learn how to take self care in the day to day. A busy working mom? No time for yourself? Perfect, this is just for you! Tips on how to get your "me" time in without breaking the bank or waking up the kids. How to bring more sacredness into your life and making space for the little things that will set the tone for your day. 


Fall in love with your body retreat

Do you avoid looking in the mirror everyday because you can't stand what you see? 

Do you compare yourself to others when you're out? 

Self love intro: Why it's important, what exactly is it and why do I want this in my life. Learning how to set the foundation with yourself and become your own best friend. 

Body awarness: Do you look at your body just for what it does for you and not what it gives you the ability to do every single day? We will look at our bodies as a whole and why they are amazing. 

Get our of your comfort zone: Is there something you have always wanted to do but haven't because your body isn't "good enough"? You and your body are more then enough. 

Confidence: How to fully be secure instead of insecure with yourself. Where do these insecurities come from? Keep your head high and walk the walk because people will be wondering where this new confidence came from. Learn how to own it and be yourself. 

Inner Dialogue: Become aware of the lanuage you speak to yourself. Where this came from and distinguish the lies from the truth. Leaving you with a positive self talk to uplift and help you feel better eachday. You are your own biggest fan but not if you have your own hate club in your head everyday.

Attention ladies! I have two exciting ne

Souls purpose retreat

Are you tired of waking up everyday not excited for the world? Do you go through your day to day in a routine not fully present in your life? Nothing to look forward to or no desire to continue? 

This workshop is for the dreamers and believers who know there is something out there greater for you but you don't know where to look. 

Joy: What brings you joy and how often do you follow it? We will dive deep into your greatest desires and why you aren't making them apart of your everyday life or time for them at all. 

Follow your heart: A saying we have all heard before but do you listen to your heart? Or do you do what everyone else is doing because you want to fit in? Finding your souls purpose is about doing the things you have never done before because you never know where you will be taken. 

Intuition: That feeling within yourself that you know you should listen to but you don't always follow it. When you have a feeling it's there for a reason. You ask for signs and they are probably given to you but are you aware? Time to fully listen within. 

Letting go: What are you holding onto that you need to let go of? Your body physically holds onto past memories, pain, trauma and experiences. When you let go, you are opening up space for new opportunities to come into your life. I will share with you all the story of what I held onto for 18 years and how when I let go fully I wrote a book and stepped into the person I am today. 


Fear: What are you afraid of? What is holding you back from being the person you came here to be? Time to jump out of your comfort zone and open up to a new part of yourself.  We will address your greatest fears so get ready but don't be afraid. 

Purpose: What exactly is purpose? We all came here for a divine purpose to bring into the world. With gifts you might have not tapped into yet. You will discover your part in this world. Sometimes we are solely focused on finding something greater in this world that we don't see the role and purpose we already bring into this world. The people we positively effect everyday. The great impact we make in this world by being yourself. 

Relationships retreat

This is a retreat for every kind of relationship in your life. Do you have people in your life who suck the life out of you? After spending time with them you feel fatigued or in a negative headspace? I call these energy vampires and sometimes we are not aware this is happening because this is what you're used to. 

In this retreat we will discuss different kind of relationships in your life and how they can affect you. Whether this relationship is romantic, friendly, with family or in the work place. We will discuss how to protect yourself from these people and how to set boundaries. 

Relationships: We will discuss the different kinds of relationships in your life and how they can affect your day to day. 

Guilt: Why do we feel this guilt that we must respond to someone or spend time with someone that does not make us feel our best self? 

Boundaries: How and when to set them in order to protect yourself. 

Crystals: Each person will recieve special crystals to carry with them that are for clearing the energy and absorbing negative energy. You will learn about crystals and why they are great tools when needed. 

Toxic people: Who do you need to let go of that is not bringing light and love into your life? Duitigishing the toxic people in your life and why it's time to not hold space for them any longer. 

Foundation: Setting a strong foundation with yourself first before others so you are not spending time with others because you don't want to feel lonely. 


Our self-love workshop with Kayla was inspirational. We confronted our deepest fears and learnt things about ourselves that sometimes we’re scared to admit. We learnt how to turn our negative inner voice in to a nurturing, accepting and growing mindset. 

Thanks so much Kayla for an unforgettable night

James & Fran 

Performance Playground | lululemon Ambassador 

About Kayla

Hello and welcome! My name is Kayla and I grew up in Boring, Oregon. You might wonder how I became a Self Love Guide. Life growing up was dark and difficult because I was raised in an environment that did not promote self love. In fact, I battled an eating disorder, depression, anxiety and didn't have self worth even though I was known as the "happy girl", by everyone who knew me. I felt unseen and that I wasn't enough. Now that i've taken the steps of Self Love and transformed my life, it's my greatest passion to show others the way to get here. I can say with confidence that I now love all of the parts of myself that I never knew were possible. My life has done a 180 since i've taken this path. The journey is not over, but everyday I move forward a little more. Let me be your guide and give you the tools to activate the Self Love you have inside of you. 

What's included:

- 10% off my : Soul-Recharging-Package to take my 4 week course or one on one session with me. 

- YOU will leave feeling like your best self. 

- A drawing to win a 30 minute free session with me or 50% of a 90 minute session. 

Send me an email for pricing:

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