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Women's Empowerment Community


Hello and welcome! I am Kayla and I am so happy to have you here. 


As a new mama living across the world from my family and friends I craved connection more than ever in my life. Being a mama can be lonely and the connection is everything. I have come to realize that I’ve been deeply grieving my community. I’ve had a massive amount of sadness in my throat chakra that had been a block for me.

Before moving to Australia I was part of something powerful. I had the most incredible community. Sisters and brothers who gave me such purpose on this earth. All of this was apart of my healing process. People where we were daily inspiring each other and lifting one another up. My yoga community, rocking climbing, spin, boxing, Nike, Edge, Premahealth, and Fern Kitchen...I taught and worked in so many places while also building my Self Love business because I LOVE CONNECTION.

I thrive off of connection with my people. We were always rising together. I can’t tell you how many times I was going through something or having a bad day...I would show up to my different homes and see smiling faces at me. Instantly everything was okay again. I would drive often two hours with heavy traffic to make it to these places. I was driving all over every day because each place meant so much to me. I would work in different spaces and studios...sometimes three to four jobs because I just loved it so much. Each space ignited a deep passion. To wake up at 4:00 am and drive a long distance knowing that I would see my students smiling faces to start the day brought me so much joy.

Since moving to Australia I didn’t realize how much I was grieving this. I had a dream of building that community here but for months I felt like I didn’t belong. I had a hard time connecting with people. I didn’t realize my loss was blocking me from creating my community here in my new home. Don't get me wrong I made friends but I had a hard time bringing people together to do this great work with me.

I finally started to feel connected again at @bumphealth but then we moved and I’ve been needing my community again. I’ve been blessed to stay connected back home with my people through social media but I know it’s time for me to rise here in Australia and lead the way. I am connected through the amazing Doterra community but I want to create my own self-love community. That is why I’ve just launched my Sistarhood community virtual women’s circles. I am ready to find my soul tribe here where I live in Melbourne.

We need this! We don’t have to do it alone. We need our Sisterhood more than ever! Space for you to be seen and connected to other mums. For us to all rise together. Who is with me???

We went into lockdown in Melbourne when my son was only a few months old. I found what was keeping me sane was my self-work along with connecting virtually.


Moving to this new city pre-pandemic I dreamed of having women circles in my backyard. A place for women to come and connect with others. Where I lead them on soul journeys with self-love, meditation, ceremony and so much bliss. I decided I am done waiting...why not do this now? I do all of my coachings already through zoom calls across the world so why can't I create an online space for this? 

That is where the Women's Empowerment Community was born!


What is the Women's Empowerment community?  



The Sistarhood community is a place to be seen and heard


A place to be loved and supported


A guilt-free hour to yourself because YOU deserve it.


Each week we will dive in and focus on your needs. With a different theme of self-love. To nurture and care for your needs because you nurture and care for everyone else’s. Time for you to fill your cup up. Space for you to speak your truth without judgment. Space for you to feel empowered.


A time for you to release, heal, and be heard.


We will have new moon/full moon circles each month as we release what no longer serves us and call in what we desire.


Option for you to keep your face private and not be seen if you aren’t comfortable but knowing that you are in a safe place.


You don’t have to do it alone


I see you sister and I am here for you.


we got this!

This is a 12-week Women's Empowerment community plan with space for 12 women. 

We will focus on topics such as: 

- Inner Dialogue

- Self-care

- Body positivity

- Releasing the guilt

- Using your voice

- Movement 

- Meditation 

- Healing the inner child

- Motherhood

- Nourishment 

- Spirituality 

- New moon/full moon 

- Manifesting and your dreams

- Connecting within 

- Trusting yourself and so much more

During the 12 weeks, you will be connected to our Women's Empowerment Facebook community to continue connecting with others.

You have the option of joining the teens group, mums group, or non-mothers group


 Choose the option below to sign up. 

- Kayla xxx

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