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Teen Empowerment Group

I know how important community and connection is. We needed it pre pandemic and we need it now more than ever. This is a weekly group dedicated towards supporting one another. You will learn all of my self love tools but also have a sistarhood who has your back. Something to look forward to. An hour dedicated towards filling your cup up. Each week over 12 weeks will have a different theme. This is a safe space where you can speak your truth and will be encouraged to share your voice. A virtual community to be seen and heard. Who is with me?

A safe space for you to be held and loved because you do not have to do it alone. To share what you are most passionate about, what your dreams are and to be supported on making them happen.


Through this pandemic, we have felt more alone than ever before. I feel it. I moved across the world from Portland, Oregon to Australia and I have been searching for my community here. What I have realized is it's time for me to create my own. Are you with me? Are you ready to rise with me? This is a place where you will be supported in everything in your life! 

How does it work? 

Each week we will meet for an hour or so through zoom. Connecting with one another. You have the choice to speak or not speak it's up to you. Sometimes we gain the most from just being and listening. Each week will be a different theme of fun over 12 weeks. 

How much is it? 

A small offering with the option of paying weekly or one full payment that is discounted. $15 a week for 12 weeks with a down payment of $50 when you sign up that pays for the first two weeks or $160 full payment due the first week of sign up. After you fill out the form I will be in contact and will email you an invoice. My normal one-on-one coaching is $100 an hour so this is a massive opportunity to gain the same tools at a lower price that also offers the sistarhood support. 

Early bird special now until September 1st. The first week free or $30 off the full payment. 

When does this start? 

Due to the high volume of people wanting this in person instead of virtual. I am starting a waitlist for in-person when restrictions allow. If you have a group of people who would like to start virtual soon please contact me or if you would like to be on the waitlist for in person please contact me and fill out the form below. 

What time? 

Depending on your schedules. Once you are signed up I will be in contact to find out what time works best for everyone. We may do our calls at night when people have more free time at home if you are working or in the afternoon.

How do I sign up? 

Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch. Space is limited. I want this to be intimate and not a massive group so there is space for 12 people. You will then join our Sistarhood community Facebook page to stay in contact with everyone if you choose. 

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