Our children need us more than ever right now!

This pandemic has brought a lot of change worldwide and affected everyone in different ways. What I have personally noticed and heard from parents is that children and teens are having higher social anxiety more than ever before. They have spent so much time inside their home or rooms that this has become their safe familiar place and they don't feel as comfortable going out and doing things like they used to. Learning is mostly online and they are not getting the social interactions that they need as they develop. Social media has become an outlet and a way for them to connect but they are being heavily influenced by what they see online. They are comparing themselves to other highlights or edited images. They are feeling that they need to be someone else or that they are not good enough.

These are some of the reasons they need us more than ever before.

To lift them up and show them that they are more than enough just the way they are. That they are beautiful and loved just the way they are. That they do not need to put on that make-up to be beautiful.

Your child or teen might not say that they are feeling these things but inside many of them are. I know because I am working one on one with a lot of them over zoom. I was a leader of a group of 15 children at a school before moving to Australia and I watched this before the pandemic happened. I have become a safe place for them to open up and talk to me. I help them to become aware of the language they speak to themselves. How much what they say to themselves affects them. How to change the way they are speaking to themselves. How to feel confident again and inspired. I am teaching them how to be themselves and giving them the tools to ease their anxious feelings.

I can see them and they need us right now. They need our love and encouragement. They need us to remind them that they got this. That they are smart, that they are loved, and that they are going to be okay. This year has been difficult and different. They need our support. I have always worked with children and teens but as I became a mother my focus shifted to working more with adults. Right now I am still working with adults and I love coaching all people but I can feel the shift. I have more parents reaching out and see a pattern with how our children and teens are feeling.

I am here to lead the way and help them reignite the light within themselves. To free them from the expectations that society is putting on them. If you have a child or gentle with them right now. Check-in on them and see how they are doing. It can take time for them to open up and a lot of them feel uncomfortable talking to their parents but showing you are there makes all the difference. I am here to support them on this journey and to support families as a whole.

I have three spots left in January for my Mental Wellness and Self-Love program where I create a custom 8-week program based on what your loved one is needing. Together we do the work and then you will be emailed the lesson we went over and homework for their week. You are not alone on this journey and it's okay to reach out and ask for help. That is what I am here for and I work worldwide.

All the love to you all.


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