Trust the process

Hello everyone, it's been awhile since my last blog. Last year I got married and had a beautiful baby boy Oliver. Feels good to be in this space writing again and sharing with you all. We are in an unknown time. We are ALL in an unknown time. I currently am in Australia with my loved ones on the other side of the world in the USA. My loved ones who have not met my sweet baby boy. There is a lot of fear and aniexty at the moment which is heightened during this time. If I allowed my brain to listen to the stories it wants to take me on I could easily slip into a hole. I am doing everything I have learned over the years to keep my spirit up. I am trying not to read the news the moment I wake up but to instead listen to music that makes me feel good. I bought a hula hoop on amazon for $19 to keep me moving. This is a time for us to do all the things at home that we have put off.

When is the last time you have slowed down this much? Utilise the space you have, especially if you are in a small apartment or don't have a yard. Make your space SACRED and do whatever you can to make it a place that makes you FEEL good. I just started gardening and macrame. Right now is a time to focus on right now. Right now I am blessed to just be ALIVE. Focus on this moment right now and not what could happen tomorrow. I truly believe in the power of manifesting. For example, in December my husband and I were living in an apartment in Sydney and we were at a time of worry for financial reasons. We had a new born baby and could have easily gone down the route of fear. I wrote in my journal what I see and want for our future. Grass for our son to roll around in. That we are financially stable. That we will have a spacious home and that my husband will have an abundance of work. I wrote about our home and how we will feel in this spacious place. I meditated and visualised how we would feel in this new space and I told my husband that work is coming. I just kept saying work is coming honey. I kid you not that month my husband got an incredible job offer. His work paid for us to move to another state and we found our dream house. Everything that I wrote in my notebook became reality. Grass for our son to roll around in and a home that is bright and everything I could dream of. In that moment when I wrote this I could have easily let my mind take me to a dark place and I wrote "trust the process" at the top of my notebook. I told myself that I must trust the unknown even though in that moment I did not know what tomorrow was going to bring. I just trusted that we would be okay. My husband worked so hard to get that new job and it didn't just happen because I wrote it in my journal but my point is we kept a positive outlook even though we didn't see it coming and then it happened.

This is a time when we have to trust the process and do everything we can to keep our spirits up. A time for us to be there for one another and check in on each other. A time for us to keep going, keep standing and know that we will all get through this together. It's okay to have down days and to not be okay. Especially if you have lost or are losing loved ones. If you or your spouse have lost your jobs. Cry and FEEL it all right now. Know though that some how some way you will make it through. We will ALL make it through this time. I have many loved ones that are high risk and I have many reasons to let fear creep in. I am a new mama to a sweet five month old but I am doing everything to keep our spirits up while we all go through this together. No matter what happens we have each other. Money does not define you.

My hope is for all of you to feel loved, supported and safe. I am doing all I can to hold space for you all. Being a new mama I've had to take a lot of breaks from my work as I am in this new transition myself. How ever I can support you though please reach out. Know that you are not alone and that you are seen. You may physically be alone right now but you are never truly alone. We are all going through this together....THE ENTIRE WORLD! I will be posting healthy ways to keep yourself occupied during this time and am opening myself up to coaching through this time on the weekends. I am offering a major discount to make it affordable. If you need a mental health check in, inner dialogue tuning, have fear or high anxiety right now lets find some healthy ways to make you feel your best self through these times!

Also if you have not bought my book "Fearless Sunflower" on Amazon yet that is exactly what we all need to keep our spirits up. I honestly even read my own book and it inspires me. Talks about everything from tuning your inner dialogue, positive body image, trauma, relationships, manifesting....I mean everything for everyone. A book that is especially great for teens but it's a book for all. Even talks about great things for your children and lifts your spirit up on difficult days.

Love to you all!

- Kayla

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