Why I chose DoTERRA oils

Many of you already use essential oils or have heard they are good for you but do you know where your oils are coming from? Do you know if what's in that bottle is safe for your body and pure? I support people who take care of there people and DoTERRA not only has the highest quality oils but they also take care of there people. They can guarentee what you're getting is straight from the source where as many other oil companies add fillers to there oils and you don't actually know what you're getting.

DoTERRA goes to countries where they can help the environment and the people in those countries to give back to them. They build earthquake proof homes, schools, hospitals and buy the land to give to the harvester. They supply jobs where there are none and make a huge difference in the lives of the ones who are bringing these incredible oils to us.

Check out this inspiring video on how DoTERRA changed many lives in Napal and are saving the Frankincense trees. The most pure best oil all around that has many uses.

Here are some of the uses for using Frankinsence according to where you can read more about it here.

Essential oils have become an "essential" part of my life hehe. There is an oil for EVERYTHING. Before using oils I just bought random oils at stores and had no idea what to actually do with them except smell them. I learned that most oils out there are not what they claim to be. Some can be toxic to animals and are unsafe if you use them internally. Some oils can burn your skin and some are just meant to be as a perfume. Essential oils are natural medicine but some brands out there are actually just to smell good.

I had heard about DoTERRA over the years but didn't know much about them. I just though they were expensive and thought I will continue buying cheaper ones because I can't afford DoTERRA. Two years ago my friend Cindy came into my work and randomly gave me a bottle of console. I thought it smelled good but didn't know what it was for honestly. That week my cousin committed suicide and I laid in bed for a week feeling completely lost and had no energy to do anything. I was devastated and so confused. The only thing that made me feel better in that moment was the console oil. I put it all over my body and after a few days finally got out of bed to record a youtube video about suicide.

After using more DoTERRA oils I could feel the difference from my oils and these new oils. I used Frankincense when my anxiety came up, along with Melissa and Elevation. When I was writing my book I had a mental block from writing about my trauma chapter. It was bringing up a lot of emotions from my past. My friend gifted me Ylang Ylang oil and smell made me feel better so I put more on. Boom there I was nine hours later I had finished my trauma chapter. What is this magical stuff? I asked myself. I looked up Ylang Ylang and found that it helps release childhood trauma and that is what it had done. I started reading more into the oils and thought it would be fun to make my self love warriors some blends too.

I learned that grapefruit helps with body acceptance which was exactly what I needed after recovering from an eating disorder and helping others with theres. Melissa is a natural anti depressant and anxiety reliever. I used lemon oil for my salmon, cardamom for my lattes and jasmine opens the mind.

I LOVE jasmine oil. Before coming to Australia I've had a scalp issues on and off for the last year. It was really bad when I was on my way here. My hair started falling out and I didn't know what to do. I used DoTERRA's Tee tree oil with rosemary,lavender and eucalyptus to see if it would help. Rosemary and lavender promote healthy hair grown and tee tree oil with eucalyptus kills any bacteria that might have been on my scalp. I also believe of course stress triggers my scalp issues. So it was a mixture of the oils and less stress that have saved my hair and scalp.

When I feel sick I use Oregano oil and OnGuard in my tea to kill any infection I have. My family has been using Oregano oil for years when we are sick because my grandpa taught me that when I was a child. When I got into DoTERRA and then told my grandpa I found out he was already using this brand aha. You see I never planned or thought that I would want to sell these oils until they became an everyday part of my life. I use them for everything and started making special blends that I give to people. Everyone i've met is so happy to smell a new oil and try out a new blend. I would not being doing my job helping more people in this world if I didn't share my experiences with you all. When I am feeling off balance, stressed out, sad, angry, any emotion you name it....I reach for my oils. DoTERRA has come up with a blend of eight different oils called the aroma touch kit and I ask my partner to put them on my back any chance I get. You can also put them on your hand or someone else's. These oils mixed together make me feel super blissed out and at ease. Perfect before work, bedtime, a big meeting, presentations or in any day where you just need a pick me up.

Below I will share one of the special new blends I came up with called the "Self Love Blend". My friend came over the other day who was feeling off balanced and bought this blend. She's messaged me the last two days saying how amazing she feels with the new oils in her life. If you are wanting to learn more about the oils and how they can add to your life send me a message. There is oils for body pain too if you are someone who gets injured a lot or workouts and need a quick recovery.

My oil blends along with self love kits are finally up on my website store such as the self love blend.

Self Love Blend:

Grapefruit: Oil of honoring your body and body acceptance

Black Pepper: Unmasking yourself, Get real by digging deep within

Geranium: Restores confidence, facilitates trust in yourself, heals broken hearts, softens anger and heals emotional wounds

Clove: Oil of boundaries, letting go, and standing up for yourself

Marjjoram: Oil of connection

Patchouli: Become fully present in your body, calms fear and helps you connect with the earth

Send me a message or check out my DoTERRA essential oils if you want to make these essential in your life too. I can set you up with a wholesale DoTERRA account that will save you money on the best oils.

Copy paste this link into your browser to see more how DoTERRA sources there oils and makes a difference in this world:

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