Self Love Pay It Forward

What if you had the opportunity to change or save someone’s life? Often times we want to help but are unsure where to start or how to do it. Have you ever wanted to do something that would impact your life but you couldn’t afford it? I have an opportunity for you to make a difference. I can’t count the number of people who reach out for Self Love coaching but are unable to come up with the funds. They are people who are suicidal, have eating disorders, anxiety, depression or are just unhappy with what they see in the mirror every day. I do my best to make trades, discounts or come up with ways to help but I can’t do it by myself. Here’s where you come in! What if you sponsored someone or gave someone the gift of a Self Love journey. By purchasing them a package or a few sessions. You and a friend could even do it together. This can also be anonymous. I would then choose someone who’s reached out to me for help and surprise them with this gift. In return they will write you a letter, make a video or you can meet them in person after we finish. A chance for you to hear their story and find out how YOU were a part of transforming their life. This work has given me the most beautiful gift of being able to watch people transform in front of my eyes. Now you can be part of this too. Spread the word and let me know what you think. If you’re interested in being apart of this and making a donation for someone to have this opportunity let me know. You have the power to save someone’s life. These are children, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters and so on. Humans in this world who deserve to be happy with themselves. Imagine the pay it forward that will happen when we’re bringing more love into this world. Myself for example! Look at what happened when I found the journey of Self Love. All I thought about for years was that I wasn’t enough and I wanted to not be alive. Now here I am showing people the way. Showing them that there is a life waiting for them to live fully and love who they are while doing it. . My aunt Ann was the first person to get this project started. She gifted a session to one of my clients in Arizona. Now this week she will be getting a video from my client thanking her and telling her the shifts that have happened since our last session. The gift that keeps on giving.

We can donate to organizations and good causes but how amazing to personally see the impact you are making on someones life. An opportunity you will never forget.

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