This life is a gift

Good morning beautiful mother earth. I wake each day and say hello to the ground below me, to the stars above me, to the sun, the moon and the angles that surround me. I say thank you for letting me be here another day and thank you for giving me the words that need to be spoken to the ones that need to hear what I have to say. Thank you for the people who come into my life with no coincidence at all. For all of the loving divine humans that surround me with so much light.

Then I thank my body for doing what it's supposed to do. My heart for being healthy and all that I am able to do with this vehicle that carries it all together.

To wake up alive another day to feel the sun on my skin. To move freely and be healthy is a blessing on it's own. This life is truly a gift. Not everyday is filled with joy and love. Some days are tragic, fearful and filled with heartache. Those days are more difficult then others. Today I wake up though and say it will be great. I do my best each day to remember it's a blessing just to be here. This reminder gives me less bad days and helps me to stay present when I'm struggling.

To remember that tomorrow will be a new day. We are not promised tomorrow though. The only moment we are promised is right now. You have heard the saying, "Life is short" truly though it is. If you love someone, Love them as much as possible and don't play games or wait to show them. Call your mom even if it's difficult or a family member you struggle with. Yesterday I answered my mothers phone call and I know she will read this because she just signed up for my mailing list. Hi mom! I love you, Our relationship has been a struggle but I will always love you. Getting off the phone with you yesterday brought my body through a roller coaster of emotions and tears but jumping off the diving board into the lake brought my body back to the present moment as I practiced patience and compassion.

If you want to travel, Make it happen. Set a date and plan, Even if it's a year from now! Manifest it, talk about it and just go for it. Don't wait because when is there really a "better" time to go? If you're not happy, Stop talking about it and make the changes now. It's up to you to live the life you desire. I'm moving to Australia soon. Am I scared? Well yes of course but I'm not letting fear control my life. I don't have it all planned perfectly, But that's okay! I tell you to go for it fully because I know the value of this life. By myself going for it, My hope is that you will be inspired to do the same.

You don't have to have it all figured out. Spend time with the ones who uplift you and inspire you. This life is a gift and it's up to you to find out why. Appreciate the little things, set your intentions and write out your daily reasons why you're grateful. Do things that scare you but excite you at the same time. Step outside of your comfort zone. Get up early and have a dance party on a Monday morning. Make each day a little fun or a lot of fun!

Have a vision and dive on in, I promise the water it epic!

Love you all,

Kayla McCord

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