What does it mean to love yourself?

Love Heals You

Hating within hurts you more

Let your pain rise to the surface

Shine your light on it

Stand up and say no

Sing, dance, move and cry

Erase the lies you tell yourself and replace it with the truth

What are those lies

What is the truth

Give love where it hurts the most

Let go of the stories

Don't let fear stop you

Release, release, release

Love, love, love

Love heals you

How did it make you feel when you read the title of this blog? Let me take a guess. Hearing the question what do you love about yourself to some might first sound well that's conceited. Some people might immediately say well I can think of things I hate about myself. Maybe this question made you feel weird or uncomfortable.

Maybe if I rephrased the title, "What do you hate about yourself?" You would feel more comfortable. I ask this question because it comes up a lot when I'm working with clients. Why can we come up with a million things we hate about ourselves but feel uncomfortable or selfish to have any love? Why is this a thing? With the media advertising that there is only one size of beautiful. With social media scrolling on all the edited photos out there. Men and women have high standards for what they feel they are supposed to look like.

Last week I went to the store to buy a seven year old girl a birthday present. I've heard that they make some barbies now that are a different size but I couldn't find any that were not that "one size" skinny barbie. This is the message that's being put out there for our children. That seven year old recently just started asking her mom if she is fat and has been more aware of her looks/clothes in a negative way. She is only seven years old...if this starts as a young girl it will only get worse later in life. Lucky she has a mama who is aware and we are teaching her about self love now. This started with me when I was ten because I had a mom who always thought she was fat so I assumed I must be because in my eyes my mother is beautiful in every way.

Each and every human on this earth is unique. You are different from the person next to you, behind you and in front of you. Your body type, genes and lifestyles are different. If you are trying to look like someone else, you will never be happy. What if you learned how to love the person you already are? You were blessed with your amazing self so start embracing it. You will have you forever so start loving yourself for who you are and not what you aren't.

Nourish your body and truly take care of it. Work on being the best version of yourself instead of adding hate in your vocabulary. Do not feel selfish or conceited for loving yourself. When you love yourself then you can love others even more.

So asked again what do you love about yourself, what are you going to say? You do not have to love every part but maybe today just say one thing.

Physically this is my answer:

"I love my strong legs because they give me the ability to run and fill out my clothes. I love my hands because they are small and great for climbing."

Non physical this is my answer:

"I love my heart because I have large amount of love for others and the world. I love the wisdom I have within because it came from pain and lessons I learned to now guide others. I love my strength because no matter what I have always found the light on the darkest days. I love my ability to be open because I share and speak to relate to others hoping the people are listening that need to hear what I have to say."

If asked this question years ago I would have only been able to think about what I hate about myself. By doing the inner work of practicing self love and being kind to myself I am finally able to love all the places I was hurting. Only love and time can heal you. Ask yourself again, today what do you love about yourself?

Can you think of just one thing? write it down and don't feel guilty about it. One day at a time moving towards self love.


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