You are Free

Do you ever feel stuck? Stuck in your career, your relationships, friendships? Often times we get used to a routine because it's "safe". We know it well and were afraid to step outside of this routine because new and different is scary. You might not be happy but you have security. What is living life if you are not truly living it though?

Maybe more floating, dozing or in a coma cruising through the day to day. A rule that has helped me is to let go of anything that does not serve me anymore. Life is moving which means people change and grow. A friendship that fit well in the past may not support you with where you are in life right now. This does not mean you hate that person. You both just can't meet where you need to be met. A job that you used to love and be passionate about might not light you up anymore. If I'm not happy at a job and desire something different I switch it up and try something new.

A relationship where you used to be happy might not make you spark anymore. This does not mean you don't love this person. You just might not be in love with that person as you used to be. Life is short and your time is precious. If you are not happy at a place in your life then do something about it.

Have you always desired to travel or move somewhere new? You're unhappy where you live and want to travel but you think too much and get too overwhelmed with the thought of making this happen. Change your language into saying I am going to do this or one day I'll go do that. Set a date on a calendar....maybe in five months I'm going to Australia or in nine months. This date does not have to be exact but it gives you time to plan and make this dream a reality. Setting a date holds you more accountable and makes this dream not feel so out of reach.

You are a FREE human in this world. That might not be the easiest problem to solve but your perspective is everything. If you truly believe you can not change something in your life then nothing will ever change. You have to believe in change, manifest it and do something to make the change. Instead of complaining, figure out a solution.

You are not tied to your friendships, relationships, and jobs. You are FREE to make these changes in your life. Find what makes you feel alive and follow that. Yes, change is scary but what's worse is not living your life to the full potential that you deserve. You have the power to decide what your life story is going to be. After all you are the author of your life. You get to decide what stories you will hold onto, create and delete. Make those stories the best ones yet. What kind of story do you want to tell? What do you want to be known for? The person that did or the person that always wished they did?

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