Set your intentions based on how you will feel

How many of you have set a new years resolution and given up shortly after the new year? You're not the only one.

Every new year the gym floods with new members and people vow they are cutting out sugar or going on a diet. We make our resolutions a week before the new year but why not right now or yesterday. Or we won't workout all year and eat sugary foods but think tomorrow we can't start or stop without training for it first.

Set yourself up for success buy practicing your resolutions now so you can go into the new year feeling how you want to feel. Someone who is training for a marathon slowly trains for it. They might take walks after dinner and set a goal to run a number of miles in a day or a week. Most people don't show up for the marathon without first training for it. Life works this way too, we don't jump into the water without first knowing how to swim.

After reading the book "White Hot Truth" by Danielle Laporte I stopped using the words goals and to do list. We all feel good checking things off the list but what about when you don't. Do you feel bad or guilty? I always have and I get stressed looking at a long list of things I must accomplish.

Using the word intention gives me a lighter feeling that I intend to do these things. What if you set up your intentions based on how you will feel vs. things you think you should do? I look back on my old resolutions and they were things that I thought I should do but not things that I will feel amazing after I accomplish them.

Set small intentions too because they are going to help you reach the big ones. Such as go outside more and breathe. That fresh air might be the little break you need in your day during a long day of meetings or a computer day at home.

If you set your intentions now and practice them then you will go into the new year setting yourself up on a fresh start. Find intentions that will make you feel good and don't forget to add the small ones in there too.

Here are my intentions for the new year:

1. Start my Self-Love podcast

2. Be in nature more

3. Regular yoga practice/meditation

4. Structure my business with Lisa

5. Don't hold back

6. Say yes to what brings me joy and excitement

7. Be love and spread love always

8. Work on my book

9. Go places - Plan my trip to Australia

10. Take risks - be free

11. Be a positive influence in peoples lives - guide others on their journey of Self-Love

12. Slow down - listen to my body

13. Always time for a dance party - Move your body regularly

14. Read more books

15. Trust your intuition

16. Help out in your community - volunteer

17. Always make people feel special and loved

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