To be shattered

The beauty of being shattered is that you get to slowly pick up the pieces and decide how you want to rebuild yourself. If you never see darkness, how do you know how beautiful the light is. To be cracked open means you can feel. I honestly used to hate the word, "broken" because I believe we can get bruised and cracked open but never broken.

To be cracked open means you accept the emotions that come with it. To say this is where I am but this is not where I will stay. You have a choice every single day. Somedays are harder then others to move and breathe. Everyday though is a blessing that you are alive.

I was once shattered, cracked open, whatever you might call it...I felt as if every little piece of me was scattered. A true heartbreak can do that to a person. I had been through it all with the family problems, my personal problems and I would say all the time nothing can break me. I'm so strong now life go ahead and throw anything at me because I got this. Then I fell in love and I got my heart thrown into tiny pieces. Loving someone deeply is a mess when it goes off the deep end. Honestly, this was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Getting my heart crakced I realized I never loved the parts of me that my love did and I needed to learn how to do that. I started my journey of self love, devoted myself to following only what brings me joy in life and I picked up all of my little pieces. I rebuilt the strongest most loving self that I had ever been before. I truly fell in love with myself for the first time.

Time is the greatest healer when you get shattered but what you do with your time is what makes the difference. The pain I felt gave me the most beautiful perspective. I was at such a low point in my life mentally that I was able to see the light in a way I had never seen before. A step forward each day little by little. One day you will rise up again - one day you will be stronger then ever before. One day you will say that was me then and this is me now. You are going through this because your soul is strong enough to take it. Strong enough to go through it so one day you can guide your light for others.

If you are shattered it's okay, OWN IT! Life is full of lessons, love, heartache, pain, rainbows, sunshine, rainy days and so much more but it's all worth it. To feel real love is the most beautiful gift of life. So beautiful that it's worth the pain you feel a thousand times when it's over.

Don't let fear take the wheel of you following your deepest desires even if you get let down later. Fully engage and live in this extraordinary life we live in.

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