The choice

Darkness creeps in slowly trying, but not today.

A shield of light I've created from within.

You won't take me today, no not today.

For there to be light, darkness is never too far.

You have a choice everyday.

You are strong enough to decide which way.

Self love is not beautiful all the time, you will have triggers and it's important to know when to pull out the tool box and know what to do when you feel weak. We can't control everyday how it will go. We don't know what tomorrow or today will bring.

We don't know what will come up when were facing our biggest fears. When I was battling bulimia I would promise myself today I will not feel guilty when I eat. Today I will not binge or purge. How many times I broke that promise. Going one month smooth and then something happens and I could not control my thoughts or emotions. I still had a new day though and a choice. The longer I chose the path of guilt free, eat what makes me happy and no purging the longer I was able to stay on my healthy path.

Everyday you have a choice which direction you will choose. Your intuition is your guide - to follow what feels right vs. what you always want. You will become strong enough to say no to the things that are damaging to you. To say yes to the things that light you up with love. You will realize the magic that happens when you invest in yourself. Some days will be harder then others but everyday is worth it.

Remember not to be hard on yourself when you give into bad habits and decisions. To remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day, a refresh, a restart.

Your path will not always be a pretty one but hold onto that wheel and don't let it go. Your journey is unlike anyone else's so don't try to follow to close to the car in front of you.

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