Live your life with a full heart

Have you ever been nervous to go for it all the way. I'm talking about your relationships, your career, traveling, getting dressed, dancing....anything that has to do with YOU and a situation of any kind. We have all been I right?

When I was 15 I had my first boyfriend and I was not fully in the relationship for the fear that I was not "good enough". He was 100% there everyday and I couldn't understand why. I didn't feel "pretty enough", "skinny enough", or anything "enough". I had braces, was scared to get close from past sexual abuse, I had the fear he would realize I wasn't enough so I broke up with him. When I wanted to raise my hand in class I never did for the fear that what I had to say was stupid. I floated through life with surface talk so no one would recognize my voice. I didn't go all the way to my full potential in cheer or dance for the fear I would make a fool out of myself. I didn't wear the clothes I wanted to wear so I could "fit in". I told myself everyday that I would never equal to anything in life. I didn't go all the way in a lot of stuff because well honestly I'm not sure why.

Why do we do this? Why do we only go half way in because of fear? The only reason fear lives is because we keep feeding it. What if we said nope I will go 100% and see what happens. What if we are able to push fear to the side and be our full potential. If you love someone, tell them. If you want to travel, plan your trip now. If you want to adventure, go explore. If you're not happy, say so. If you have an idea, make it happen. Stand up for yourself when you deserve more. Stand up for others when they deserve better. What are we waiting for? Why are we waiting? How much time do we even have to wait? You don't know what will happen today, tomorrow or in the next five minutes. Start living your life the way you want to live. Go all the way in...go 110% instead of just 50%-100%. Honestly, what do you have to lose?

I lived a life of fear for too long while I watched everyone else going for it and sat there wishing I too could get what I wanted. I now tell everyone I love that I love them so I will never regret not having said those words. I tell myself everyday I am enough because I am and so are YOU. I stand up for myself when I'm being mistreated and I stand up for the ones who don't have a voice. I travel when I have the desire to see a new part of the world. I take self care days when I need to be recharged. I follow my desires of any that that makes me happy. I live with a full loving heart for every single decision I make.

You know what the secret is to making this happen? Taking that first step and saying yes I'm going all the way in. That's scary? Yes, it is scary but the first step of anything can be scary. Think of babies when they first learn how to crawl or walk. Birds that are learning how to fly. You learning how to swim or ride your bike. Imagine how much more difficult life would be if you were all unable to do any of that stuff? The first step will always be scary but the second and third step gets better. After that you're flying and those steps don't seem as scary anymore. There will always be a little fear when you're making a decision that's important. YOU though, YOU are more important.

I get constant messages from people saying, "Your life is so amazing", "I wish I could be as happy or positive as you are", "You're so lucky you get to do the things you do". Guess what! You live the life you want by creating the life you want. You too CAN have the things you desire in life. I know everyones situation is different but I believe if you truly want something and you work for it, you manifest it and you will have what you want. Start living your life too with a full heart because it IS possible.

You are capable of living the life you want to live and it's never too late to say yes and start now.

If I lived the life I was living before in fear, in doubt, in not feeling enough...well then I wouldn't be on this earth anymore. If I had succeeded in my suicide attempt then I not would still be on this earth. My old life I was here in a physical form but my spirit was slowly drifting away. Now I'm here to awaken you all to live your life. Awaken you before you have a life altering experience and it's too late.

Wake up, live your life and take that first step.

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