How finding out my Core-Desired feelings is changing my life.

After reading the book the "Desire Map" written by Danielle Laporte I have found my core desired feelings in life. This book takes you on a journey of finding the words you want to feel and the words you don't want to feel. Half of it is a work book asking you questions about every category in the life you live.

After going through the words I thought would become my words I have now chosen three words. The words, "Magical, luminous and grounded". These are the words I want to feel everyday in every situation. I used to say yes to everything even if it was only to make others happy and it usually was. Now I only say yes to the things that make me feel my core desired feelings. What if we all knew our core desired feelings and made decisions based on how situations make us feel? We would all live a more loving fulfilled life.

Don't like your job? quit and get a new job. Constantly surrounded by toxic people? Change the people in your life and your surroundings. Tired all the time? Go to bed earlier and get some rest. Unhappy with your workout routine? Spice it up and try something new. Invited to a bbq you don't wanna go to? Don't go. Yes, you might make someone upset but this is your life and you can't please everyone. You can't say yes to every single thing you get invited to and don't wanna go. Tired of eating out all the time? Food prep and learn how to cook so you have food ready on the go.

Yes, it is this simple. The more you start saying yes only to the things that make you feel your core desired feelings the more this becomes natural to you. I am learning this and it's already been a beautiful shift in my life. I used to say yes yes yes to everything and everyone. Need your shift covered? I got you even though I'm exhausted and it's my 14th day in a row working. Need a ride to your friends? I got you even though this is my only me time in between my work/school break and I haven't had time to get food for class tonight. Yes, i'll go out tonight even though I really should stay in and get some rest.

Now I'm loving the power of being able to say no not tonight because I need to get some reading in and rest for my big day tomorrow. No I can't do this or do that because it does not make me feel magical, grounded or luminous. This book has given me a new perspective for every decision I will make throughout my life. How amazing is that?

What are your core desired feelings?

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