Toxic People

You know those people where you're trying to grow and they grab you to say nope I'm going to keep you down here with me. These people are everywhere and a lot of them are difficult to point out.

I am the kind of human who sees the best in everyone and does not want to believe there are people out there who are like this. That's me knowing it though and hoping these people will change. With my experiences though they do not change and that's why you have a choice.

You have the choice to decide who you want in your life. Just because you have been friends with someone for along time does not mean you have to hold onto them forever. I've had friends in the past who were only bringing a deep burden on me. Making me doubt my self worth and wanting to bring me down with them. Letting people go is difficult but it's necessary. Maybe it's more difficult then that and this person is someone in your family. Yup, I feel you there I have that also.

The best thing I ever did for myself was let those people go. Some I can't fully because we are family but I make my own decisions. I moved to Portland to create my own life, follow what brings me joy and decide who is in my life. If someone is in your life and they make you feel more bad days then good days get new friends. I'm serious I am now grateful for the incredible soul loving humans I have in my life now. This might be a partner that is bringing you down all the time. At what point is a relationship worth it if that person makes you feel bad all the time? Oh but you love him. Yes, I was there too for two years in the most toxic relationship I could dream of. I felt no value in myself and felt I had no life to live. When I finally let that person I realized I didn't know who I was because I invested all of myself into that human.

I promise you will love again because you are deserving of a partner who brings you more joy then tears. You will find new friends who cherish you and want the best for you in life. Let go of the toxic people and bring on the sunshine.

Key Points

1. Let people go who do not have the best intentions for you.

2. You have the choice who you want in your life.

3. Love is not enough

4. You deserve to live a life of love and joy.

5. Your vibe attracts your tribe

6. Let them go

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