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1:1 Coaching session or Self-Love Coaching program.

One-on-one coaching sessions over facetime audio or phone. Supporting your needs. Each person I work with is different and needs something different. The most common is working through body image, self-worth, shifting negative inner chatter, Motivation to move your body, following your dreams, boosting confidence, calming anxious nerves, and much more.

Group coaching program

Blossom begins October 29th, 2023, and is an online coaching program for courageous women to break free from endless self-sabotage and reclaim their unique essence. 

Blossom comes with access to an online learning portal with 50+ video coaching videos, workbooks, Ebooks, and three 1:1 sessions. 

Details are below.

Blossom is accessible to you for $ 555 USD right now. 

The program is normally run as a group for $ 3,333 USD but is being offered to go through solo right now. 

Distance Reiki + CEW Energy Healing and Holistic Metaphysical Healing session

The word Reiki translates to Universal/Life force Energy. Reiki is a Japanese complementary therapy working with the energy fields around the body. This involves transferring universal energy from my hands into my clients body. Some benefits of getting a Reiki session are: 

  • Stress & anxiety relief

  • Relaxation & sense of wellbeing

  • Emotional balance

  • Mental clarity

  • Enhanced intuition & self-awareness

  • Releases old beliefs & patterns

  • Balances the chakras (the main energy centres in the body)

  • Engages the body’s own natural healing ability, promoting improved physical recovery

  • Promotes healing and growth in every area of your life

I am an Energy Healer, weaving the profound practices of Reiki, holistic metaphysical healing, Theta, and the art of Creative Emotional Wizardry. My sacred mission is to gently hold space, allowing you to access the depths of your inner self. Through this process, I facilitate the removal of negative energies that may have attached themselves to your being, obscuring your radiant light and hindering your true path.

Every session I offer is a bespoke journey tailored to your unique essence and needs. It may involve the liberation from malevolent entities that have been impacting your overall well-being, causing a sense of disconnection from your authentic self or unveiling ethereal visions carrying messages crafted just for you.


Ultimately, my purpose is to empower you, cleanse your spirit, foster connection, and lighten your soul.

In situations where I encounter matters beyond my expertise or recognize a more specialized practitioner who can better serve your unique requirements, I hold the utmost commitment to guiding you toward the most suitable support for your healing journey.


For healing, much like life itself, unfolds in intricate layers, and there is a compassionate and capable guide for each one.


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