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1:1 Coaching session or Self-Love Coaching program.

One-on-one coaching sessions over facetime audio or phone. Supporting your needs. Each person I work with is different and needs something different. The most common is working through body image, self-worth, shifting negative inner chatter, Motivation to move your body, following your dreams, boosting confidence, calming anxious nerves, and much more.

Group coaching program

Blossom begins August 4th, 2023, and is an intimate group coaching program to radiate like the sunflower you are. 

Details are below.

Message me if you have an interest in going through the program 1:1.

Distance Reiki + CEW Energy Healing and Holistic Metaphysical Healing session

The word Reiki translates to Universal/Life force Energy. Reiki is a Japanese complementary therapy working with the energy fields around the body. This involves transferring universal energy from my hands into my clients body. Some benefits of getting a Reiki session are: 

  • Stress & anxiety relief

  • Relaxation & sense of wellbeing

  • Emotional balance

  • Mental clarity

  • Enhanced intuition & self-awareness

  • Releases old beliefs & patterns

  • Balances the chakras (the main energy centres in the body)

  • Engages the body’s own natural healing ability, promoting improved physical recovery

  • Promotes healing & growth in every area of your life

       I combine Reiki with holistic metaphysical healing and creative emotional wizardry. Discovering if anything emotional that can be healed is affecting you physically. By creating disease or illness in your body. I am also working with your angels to give you a full energy upgrade. Clearing things that will come up that are affecting how you feel in your day-to-day. There are many layers to healing so if something arises that is out of my scope, I will refer you to someone who specializes in that area. 


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