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One on one Coaching session

One-on-one coaching session over facetime audio or phone. Supporting your needs. Each person I work with is different and needs something different. The most common is working through body image, self-worth, shifting negative inner chatter, Motivation to move your body, following your dreams, boosting confidence, calming anxious nerves, and much more.


Stay tuned for upcoming virtual zoom workshops. Each workshop is different with Mental health as the common theme.

One on one coaching program

Eight or twelve-week coaching programs. My Banging body program, Mental wellness program, kids/teens Empowerment program, and my Mindset Mastery Group coaching program. You can find out more in the programs tab. 


I teach Hip Hop Power Pilates and Yoga classes at Whian Whian Hall every Wednesday night at 6 PM and 7 PM. To register click the upcoming classes tab above.


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