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A story from Ashley Miller-


"For a long time my life felt dark and isolated. I chose to keep a lot of painful secrets to myself. I was diagnosed with PTSD at age 14 for sexual assault and abuse. At that time I was not ready to admit to myself the severity of my situation so I did not return to therapy again until I was 22 and that was because I witnessed a fatal car accident that triggered my PTSD so badly that I planned to commit suicide. I was in so much pain from all the trauma it felt like a relief to finally have a way out. Fortunately I did not decide to follow through with that decision and I proceeded to get the help I desperately needed. In all midst of all struggle I was going through I had gained about 60 pounds, lost a lot of friends and had no idea how to love myself or others. Little did I know I was extremely resilient, strong and determined. I went to therapy for 3 years. I finished treatment for PTSD and lost 40 pounds. I found love for myself and others. I overcame the darkest time of my life through empowerment, through love, and extreme determination. The most important thing to remember no matter where you are at in life, is that you're enough and you're valuable! If I would have taken my life that night, I wouldn't be able to inspire and help others through my story. You're enough 💕"
-Ashley Miller

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