I am excited to offer you a special essential oil blend to go with your self-love affirmation cards! 


I have used essential oils for the past couple of years to help with anxiety, depression, uplifting me, house cleaning, motivation, bug bites, and the list goes on. I have invested in the highest quality DoTERRA oils to create magical oil blends that make you feel incredible for anything you are needing. When I am feeling stressed or anxious I reach out for my oils. They are a natural alternative to helping my mental health. 


Your morning sets the tone for the day and that's why I love drawing 1-3 affirmation cards when I go to bed. The cards always know what to say in the moments you need it the most. They have gotten me through the past few years and that's why I made my own deck that goes with the most important parts of my book. 


After sharing the card, "You are not alone" on social media, and hearing the response from people who were in a dark space and how that sentence got them out of a dark space I knew I had to create my own deck. You can use these cards at any time of the day to give yourself some extra love. Or share them with others. I bring them everywhere and even have my waitress or uber driver pick a card. The look on people's faces when they read their card will fill your heart with love. Tears and hugs usually follow after they read there card. 


You never know how much your words can impact others and these sayings could save someone's life or bring more light into your life. They are the greatest investment you will make I promise. 


If you want to know more about oils, have me make a custom blend for you or know how to get involved with ordering DoTERRA oils directly send me an email at www.selflovewithkayla@gmail.com


Self love affirmation cards and essential oil blend combo

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Self love blend: pink bottle
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