Gift your loved ones something that will be life-changing for them. This covers the cost for five 60 minute session with me either in person, over the phone, or through facetime. 


My sessions cover: 


- Social anxiety 

- Self-worth

- Changing the language they speak to themselves

- Finding motivation/inspiration 

- Overall mental wellness

- Learning to love your body

- Healing from past wounds or relationships

- Conquering fears


I cover a broad range of topics. Working with people who might have feelings of depression, anxiety, an eating disorder or are just not feeling good within themselves. 


I empower them and give them the tools they need to find joy within themselves no matter where they are in life. 


Message me if you would love me to make something special with a message from you. 


Each gift card has a five-year expiration date. You will download the gift certificate and fill in the blanks. 

Five session gift certificate

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