Gift my 8-week Empowerment program to a child or teen that you love. 


This 8-week program includes coaching once a week for eight weeks. Along with a detailed email covering the session for the parent and homework for them to work on. 


This program will empower and uplift you child. To feel strong and confident within themselves. For them to know their worth and not care what others think of them. Each program is custom designed to the person because we all need something different. 


Each week is a different theme covering: 


Inner dialogue


Calming the nerves


Conquring fears



Creating your own sunshine

Mental health



Email Kayla if you have any questions. Programs start in January and the child/teen can start when they are ready. Sessions are 45min-an hour. They will need a pen and notebook to keep the work we do in one place. 


You will download the gift certificate and fill in the blank. Certificates expire in five years. 

8-week Empowerment program gift

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