I have used essential oils for the past couple of years to help with anxiety, depression, uplifting me, house cleaning, motivation, bug bites and the list goes on. I have invested in the highest quality DoTERRA oils to create magical oil blends that make you feel incredible for anything you are needing.


I especially got into using essential oils when I became a mother. To have access to something non-toxic that is safe to use on my child. Many essential oil companies out there are adulterated or chemically made in a lab. They might smell good but they are not safe to ingest, to put on your children or near your pets. These essential oils are a natural alternative to supporting your mental health. 



If you want to know more about essential oils, have me make a custom blend for you or know how to get involved with ordering DoTERRA oils directly send me an email at www.selflovewithkayla@gmail.com


I will help you set up your wholesale account. $35 a year to have access to all the essential oils at a discounted price. 


The 1oz bottles come in a dropper bottle, not a roller bottle. 

1 oz Essential oil blends

Heart opening blend
Self love blend: Blue bottle
Calm the nerves blend
  • No returns for the oils unless they are damaged upon receiving them. 

Sunrise over the Wheat Field