My top essential oils for everyday life:

Balance: Grounding blend for moments of feeling anxious


Ylang Ylang: Oil of healing trauma, safe for baby and in pregnancy for calming you, supports energy levels etc. 


Frankincense: Boosts immunity, eases anxiety, great for your skin, oral health, anti inflammatory, eases symptoms of arthritis and the list goes on. 


PastTense: Tension blend for when you feel stressed


Adaptiv: Natural anti depressant blend and eases anxiety


Rose: The oil of love. boosts libido, strengthens gums and hair roots, confidence booster. 


Lemongrass: Mood uplifter, calming focus oil, eases joint pain symptoms.


Lemon (Boosts concentration, aids in weight loss, Eases stress,Strengthens hair, disinfectant and more)

Clove (Great for killing mould, boosts immunity, indigestion and nausea help)

Lemongrass (Helps with thyroid problems, Boosts immunity, Relieves anxiety, detoxifying, kills bacteria, headache relief,)

OnGuard (Best one for immune system and cleaning)

Oregano  (promotes digestion, painkiller, soothes inflammation, Amazing immune booster) 

Tea tree  (Heals wounds, boosts immune system, Fights fungal infections, Reduces hair loss)

Eucalyptus *(Antibacterial, Fever reducer, pain reliever, Repels insects, Lowers blood pressure, Boosts brain function)

Wild Orange (Cleansing properties, Uplifts mind and body, boosts immunity) 

Grapefruit (Relieves anxiety, stimulates the brain, boosts immune system, great for weigh loss)

Black pepper (Also supports the immune system if you put in your water. In surface sprays black pepper is known to kill E.colli and Eucalyptus when paired with lemon, orange or grapefruit essential oil.)


All of these essential oils you can also apply topically, cook with and put in your water. Except eucalyptus, this oil should only be used aromatically and topically. The spicy ones such as clove and oregano you always want to dilute with a carrier oil such as coconut oil.  The three ways you can use your oils is aromatically such as in a diffuser, topically on bottoms of feet, hands, wrists, in bath or internally. Putting them in your water or cooking with them. 

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