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1:1 Empowerment Program for children and teens

When working with clients I have found that most of our insecurities and doubts start as a child. For myself, I had social anxiety as a child and was terrified of talking to people for fear of what they thought of me. Our children need to know that they are enough just as they are. That their voice matters and what they have to say is important. Teaching our children now the tools of how to love who they are will blossom them into being the best version of themselves. Many children hold their emotions in and feel that they need to be more or better to fit into society. 

Down the road, if not taken care of now with love this could cause anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, low confidence, or them just not being happy with who they are. 

Our children need us more than ever. With being at home more because of Covid or learning at home on the computer. They are being heavily influenced by the media and missing out on socializing with others. This is causing severe social anxiety or a negative inner dialogue. 

My current clients in the Self-Love program are as young as six to fifteen years old. I work with them where they are and teach them lessons in a way that they can understand. 


 I come in and bring play with creativity and get their minds to have a positive loving inner dialogue. I work at a soul level and teach intuitively. Each child is different and they all will learn based on their own needs. 

Here is an example of some of the lesson plans I teach: 

1. Positive Self Talk


2. Confidence: Not caring about what others think of you


 3. Your voice matters: Teaching them to always say what they feel and stand up for themselves. 


4. Values: Living a life of compassion and love


5. Focus on heart and mind vs. physical appearance: Learning the importance of taking care of your mental health.


6. Self Care: Slow down to listen to what their body needs


7. Success and failure: Teaching them that failure will happen in life and not to be hard on themselves when they go through it. That when you succeed you will feel more excited if you took the time and patience to work for it. 


8. Boundaries: Important so no one takes advantage of them and how to say no to things that are not good for their well being. 


9. Friendships: Spending time with people who uplift them.


10. How to create your own sunshine: That this is something no one can take from them. 

11. Appreciating all your body does for you 

12. How to love and accept your body through all seasons of life

13. Not comparing yourself to others


 14. Mindfulness: Meditation, journaling, intention setting


15.  JOY: How they can find joy in the little things of everyday life.