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Hello and welcome! 

Essential oils are a huge part of my life but it wasn't always that way. If you read my about me you will see that I have a past of depression, anxiety, an eating disorder and not knowing how to take care of my body. I used to be completly off balance. Through taking the steps of self love and using DoTERRA's essential oils I have turned my life around. I have an oil I reach for when I get anxious, am stressed, for grieving, cooking, cleaning, am name it. I have an oil for it all. 

I never thought I would find myself promoting and selling these beautiful oils because I've never been a sales person but it all started because I started sharing them with friends. Then I decided to make them for my clients and saw the effects it was having on peoples lives. I started making blends to just give out because it brought me joy watching how it made others happy, calm, uplifted or energized. 

After some time I realized I was doing a disservice if I didn't share these speicial oils with the world. I am grateful a friend introduced them to me as a gift and little did I know they would change my life over time. It only made sense for me to get a DoTERRA whole sale account to same money. If you are interested in joining DoTERRA or getting a whole sale account go to my DoTERRA site below or send me a message. 

I am here to support anyone on there journey of life. To help you figure out what oils are best for you and if you are interested in joining my team of being a wellness advocate there is a whole team of support you will have. People you have never met who will be excited to help you get started and be there along the way everyday. 


if you’re ready to rock and just want to order some oils through me, you can                                                              *Be sure to click ‘join now’ and get yourself a Wholesale account.  Let’s get you some oils! 

If you want to find out about earning points or dollars with Doterra contact me for more informaton. 

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