Learn to love your body through all seasons of life

The Body Acceptance Program

This program is for the mom who feels she needs to lose weight and be skinny to be beautiful. The mom who is down on herself for not having the body she had before her baby. The person who doesn't feel enough as they are. The person who has tried all the diets and workout programs but can't seem to shed the weight or has lost the weight and still isn't happy with themselves. The teen who feels they are not enough and constantly compares themselves to someone on social media. 

This program will make you feel EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT in the skin you are in. No matter where you are on your journey it is never too late. I believe that the answer to many of our problems is self-love. To learn how to be kind and loving to the bodies that we are in. To shine a light on our beautiful bodies and all we have been ashamed of. There is so much pressure from the media and edited images on social media that we must look a certain way. That who we are is not enough. When you can learn how to love yourself.....everything in your life will change in a positive way. 

"Your body was custom made for you" - Kayla Pickering 

How many days a week or hours a day do you spend worrying about your body? How many moments have you missed out on with loved ones because you hated your body? Learning to love the body is a process that takes time. With my tools and guidance, you will feel the best you have ever felt in your skin. By loving your body you will gain freedom. This happens with self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance. 

Each program is custom to the individual. An 8-week program with coaching through face-time or zoom. Taking the steps to love your body.

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