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Set your intentions based on how you will feel

How many of you have set a new years resolution and given up shortly after the new year? You're not the only one. Every new year the gym floods with new members and people vow they are cutting out sugar or going on a diet. We make our resolutions a week before the new year but why not right now or yesterday. Or we won't workout all year and eat sugary foods but think tomorrow we can't start or stop without training for it first. Set yourself up for success buy practicing your resolutions now so you can go into the new year feeling how you want to feel. Someone who is training for a marathon slowly trains for it. They might take walks after dinner and set a goal to run a number of miles in a

The choice

Darkness creeps in slowly trying, but not today. A shield of light I've created from within. You won't take me today, no not today. For there to be light, darkness is never too far. You have a choice everyday. You are strong enough to decide which way. Self love is not beautiful all the time, you will have triggers and it's important to know when to pull out the tool box and know what to do when you feel weak. We can't control everyday how it will go. We don't know what tomorrow or today will bring. We don't know what will come up when were facing our biggest fears. When I was battling bulimia I would promise myself today I will not feel guilty when I eat. Today I will not binge or purge. Ho

To be shattered

The beauty of being shattered is that you get to slowly pick up the pieces and decide how you want to rebuild yourself. If you never see darkness, how do you know how beautiful the light is. To be broken means you can feel. I honestly used to hate the word, "broken" because I believed we can get bruised and cracked open but never broken. I've changed my mind because I realize being broken is not a bad thing. To be broken means you except the emotions that come with it. To say this is where I am but this is not where I will stay. You have a choice every single day. Somedays are harder then others to move and breathe. Everyday though is a blessing that you are alive. I was once shattered, brok

To be seen

I see you, do you see me? Every human wants to be seen. We want to be heard, to feel worthy and noticed. Have you ever told someone, "I see you?" Often times we can go through life not fully present with where we are and what we are doing. How many times have you been at the grocery store checking out, and you're on your phone. Completely not making eye contact or engaging in conversation with the cashier. Yes, this is you? Don't worry we have all probably been that person at some point in our lives. Often times I see people on the streets with signs for money. I have no money to give but I do my best to acknowledge them. I will roll my window down or stop while walking and simply say, "Hi,

How do you feel?

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and immediately started picking out every little thing you don't like about yourself. Ahh those stretch marks, my forehead is too big, my tummy rolls, my arms are too fat. You know what I mean? We have all done it at one point in our lives. When I post my before and after photos of when I was anorexic I often get messages from men saying they like my before photos. That I was beautiful and so on. Someone can look beautiful and so on but what about how they felt when they got that photo taken? How I felt in those moments was weak, not enough, starving, fat..etc and in my after photos I am a nourished, loving, glowing, happy woman. In a lot of my old

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field