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Live your life with a full heart

Have you ever been nervous to go for it all the way. I'm talking about your relationships, your career, traveling, getting dressed, dancing....anything that has to do with YOU and a situation of any kind. We have all been I right? When I was 15 I had my first boyfriend and I was not fully in the relationship for the fear that I was not "good enough". He was 100% there everyday and I couldn't understand why. I didn't feel "pretty enough", "skinny enough", or anything "enough". I had braces, was scared to get close from past sexual abuse, I had the fear he would realize I wasn't enough so I broke up with him. When I wanted to raise my hand in class I never did for the fear that what

How finding out my Core-Desired feelings is changing my life.

After reading the book the "Desire Map" written by Danielle Laporte I have found my core desired feelings in life. This book takes you on a journey of finding the words you want to feel and the words you don't want to feel. Half of it is a work book asking you questions about every category in the life you live. After going through the words I thought would become my words I have now chosen three words. The words, "Magical, luminous and grounded". These are the words I want to feel everyday in every situation. I used to say yes to everything even if it was only to make others happy and it usually was. Now I only say yes to the things that make me feel my core desired feelings. What if we all

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field