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How can I have more Self Care in my life?

I must run here and run there because I want to make others happy and I don't have time to rest. There is an insane amount to be done and I have to get it done right now. This sound familiar? The rush to always get things done and no time to slow down. Late nights in the office and you don't even give yourself time to go to the bathroom. What is Self Care? My definition of self care is not just buying yourself things, working out or eating healthy. Self care to me is listening to your body, knowing that saying no is okay, and having days just for you. Did I grow up with self care? No, not at all. This was foreign to me until I was almost 20 and I am still practicing this daily. I suffered fr


What is Passion? Passion to me means something that brings me joy and excitement. When I am passionate about something you can see it in my eyes. You notice it in the way I talk, the way I present myself, the way I express myself. I choose to live a life of passion, for living a life of passion is living a happy healthy life. This does not mean it's an easy route but, would you rather live a happy life doing something you love vs something you hate? My favorite quote from The Book Of Awakening, By Mark Nepo, " Finding what we love, though it may take years, is building a life of passion. For what makes you come alive can keep you alive, whether you are paid well for it or not. And beyond the

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field