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Are you going through a break-up? 

If you are feeling lost right now I promise you will not be there for long. I have used my tools of self love to re-build people who have gone through a break-up. I teach you how to fully feel it all and let it go so you can move on to your next adventure. Through this process we discover what brings you the most joy in life to reignite your passion. What were you doing in the relationship that made you happy that you aren't doing now. Our time together will help you to have such a strong relationship with yourself that you will not need anyone else to give you that love. Yes, we love being loved by others but imagine giving yourself that love too. Making you strong within yourself so you don't seek love from an outside source. 


Just when I thought I had it all figured out, I went through a painful break-up. Unable to sleep, eat or not cry every time I left the house. I felt as if my heart had been taken out of my body and I didn't know what to do with myself. Break-ups can literally break you apart but they can also break you down so you can now pick up the pieces to re-build a better version of yourself. Instead of losing yourself, use this as fuel to do everything you ever dreamed of. I got it together and a fire was lit under me to now focus on myself. I moved house, went back to school, advanced in rock climbing, changed careers, traveled, wrote a book, started a business, moved to Australia and most of all I found my path in all that pain. For three years I was still hurting over this person but I found my journey of Self Love through it all. I thought I had a loving relationship with myself until my world flipped upside down. This was the BEST thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and you can't see yet that it is a huge blessing for your future. I have a huge heart and have had it shattered many times but never carried the heartache into the next relationship. Each break-up teaches you life lessons and makes you stronger.  

During  a break-up we ask ourselves these questions: 

1. Am I good enough? 

2. What did I do wrong? Why do they not love me anymore? 

3. Maybe they would have stayed if I....

4. Did I make the wrong decision by....

5. Maybe if I lose weight and make myself more desirable they will want me back...

These are questions that come up when you go through a break-up. Each person is different and the situation for what happened is different as well. One thing I know forsure though is you have to want to live your life for you. To start making yourself happy, not someone else. Nothing will ever be "enough" until you realized that you are and always have been more then enough. 

We will answer each question together and change your inner dialogue giving you a more loving and positive head space to live in. Break-ups can truly clog your mind and distract you from everything else going on in your life. You have so many other wonderful things in life to focus your attention on. In our time I will help you heal and let go so your pain is not carried into your next relationship. Releasing any walls or hurt they might have built up over time. To free you from this experience. Cutting the chords and fully letting go of this person you are attached to. I am guided through intuition and hold space for each individual person that I work with. This experience will help you to get your life back on track so you can LIVE it fully again. Making you better then before your relationship. 

As I said before each person is different so how this program runs will be catered to each individual person. Also depending on if our sessions are in person, phone or zoom call. 

If you are ready to be happy again and start this new journey let's set up a free consultation. Send me an email for times and days that you are available. 

Price options:

$90 an hour

1 month with two sessions a week for $650

2 months with two sessions a week for $1,300

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